Yoko’s: Where the Fish Just Keep Swimming

Sushi master ready to make your order!


Sushi master ready to make your order!

Samantha Valero, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A

For two years, Miami has seen the most magical sushi place around serve its delicious goodies. Yoko’s, a family-oriented restaurant, is relatively new to Miami’s beachy shores, but has already made an impression.

“I have been working here for one year now, and I love making my food for people,”  Master Sushi Chef Mr. Kamei said.

yokos 1

Yoko’s has one location in the Miami area, along with a huge menu full of sushi and Chinese dishes. From dumplings to sushi, you can order whatever you’d like for a cheap price. The restaurant’s #1 roll is the dragon roll, and its most popular time of the week is Friday nights. A personal favorite of mine is the spicy tuna roll for $5.50. The most popular dessert is the amazing tempura cheesecake that will make your tastebuds explode from the delicious taste.

yokos 2

“I love eating with my wife after a long day of cooking and making sushi,” Kamei said.

How about visiting Yoko’s, where fish are friends AND food?