Nothing Bundt Goodness


8-ich pumpkin spice bundt cake.

Pablo Hanono , Staff Writer

Our Rating: A+

By now, most of us are gearing up for the holiday season, decorating our homes and buying delicious treats, among them a cake will undoubtedly sneak its way into the mix. Nothing Bundt Cakes runs a nationwide bundt cake empire that sells some the best cakes out there. With a wide array of flavors and sizes to enjoy cakes, the company has firmly established itself as a market leader and a fan favorite.

“I used to make my own bundt cakes at home. Since discovering Nothing Bundt Cakes, I get an even better homemade taste with none of the efforts. The bundt cakes go great with everything, especially ice cream,” senior Sophie Sepehri said

The company has two locations in the Miami area, one in Pinecrest and another in Kendall. Apart from the usual store hours of 9AM-6PM Monday through Saturday, customers can also order their cakes online. The cakes come in four sizes: 10 inches, 8 inches, miniature and bite-sized. The 8-inch cake is their best-seller and modestly priced at $20. However, the toughest choice is choosing a flavor. The company offers nine different flavors year-round, and a varying seasonal flavor. Among the flavors, Nothing Bundt Cakes offers both traditional ones such as chocolate and vanilla, and unconventional ones such as pecan praline and confetti. Seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice are borderline impossible to come by because of its incredible popularity.

The scarcity of Pumpkin Spice is not without reason; the cake comes in a beautifully designed box in which the delicious treat fits perfectly. The Pumpkin Spice cake gives off a potent aroma of hazelnut, pumpkin and cinnamon that transports you to the Thanksgiving dinner table. The cake comes also has a convenient serving feature: the spaces in between the lines of frosting mark where to cut for the perfectly sized slice. The Pumpkin Spice is drizzled with a simple vanilla frosting that complements the spongey texture and flavor of the most delicious part, the cake itself. The flavor profile of the Pumpkin Spice bundt cake is incredibly complex; it is sweet and has a slight bite from a spice blend of essential fall spices such as nutmeg and ginger. It is not the overwhelming pumpkin flavor that is common in most seasonal cakes, but rather a more subtle and natural flavor; a result of the high-quality ingredients used. The texture of the sponge is remarkably smooth yet firm, a balance that is rare to come by in most cakes. The cake is perfectly moist and melts in your mouth the second you bite into it.

“No matter what the occasion I always try and get a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Even if it’s just to get a small ‘bunditini,’ I never stop coming here” junior Isabella Gonzalez-Lansing said

Nothing Bundt Cakes is truly the best bundt cake provider out there. With such a wide variety of flavors and the absolutely irresistible texture and flavor of its cakes, there simply aren’t cakes that can compete. Next time you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, Nothing Bundt Cakes will exceed all of your expectations.