Little White Lies by Katie Dale

Read the romantic drama  Little White Lies; you wont regret it!

Read the romantic drama Little White Lies; you won’t regret it!

Samantha Valero, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A

The first time that Lou meets handsome, brooding Christian, she knows that he is hiding something. Why does he always avoid the subject of his family when it comes up? Why does he dye his blonde hair black?

When Christian’s house goes up in flames,  he flees for his life and Lou insists on going with him. But, when Christian’s secret is broadcast all over the world, everything he’s ever told her seems like a lie.

As lies unravel around them, how does Lou choose sides? When the story goes on, Lou goes through love, heartbreak and then love once more.

If you are a fan of the T.V. show Pretty Little Liars or love mystery, you’ll love this book!

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I love Little White Lies; it has so many mysteries and I love how the plot isn’t revealed too soon or too late. I can’t wait until she writes more books.”

— freshman Melody Rouhani

To buy the book, just go to your local bookstore and ask for it. You won’t regret buying it!