Staying Fit During Quarantine

Although gyms may be closed there are plenty of workouts that you can do from home.

Audrey Simon

Although gyms may be closed there are plenty of workouts that you can do from home.

Audrey Simon, Staff Writer

With the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, many places have shut down to prevent further spread of the disease. One of those places is the gym, like LA Fitness and Orangetheory. Although gyms may have closed, there are still plenty of workouts you can do from home to stay fit and healthy despite the spread of coronavirus.

Go for a Run

Although people have not been quarantined yet, this workout should only be performed if you own a treadmill to prevent you from going outside and possibly getting the coronavirus.

Beginners should run about one mile a day for at least 3 days and then slowly work their way up to about 2-3 miles a day. If you are already in shape, you can keep running at an easy pace or try to challenge yourself and run timed runs, like 3 miles in 25 minutes or less.

“Although there is the spread of the coronavirus right now, I am going to continue to run and keep my body in amazing shape,” freshman Sophie Gonzalez said.

Ab Workout

Many teenagers today want the idealistic summer body; one simple workout that gives you just that is an ab workout. It is also perfect since it can be done at home, so you can work for that perfect summer body while waiting for this pandemic to evade. Based on your skill level, there are two types of workouts you should select from.

First, there is the workout for beginners. This workout consists of 20 crunches, 15 air-bike crunches, 10 sitting twists, 10-count raised leg hold, 10-count plank hold and 10 plank raises.

Then there is the expert workout. It consists of 40 jumping jacks, 15 lying toe touches, 15 roll-ups, 5 lying leg raises, 40 bicycle crunches, 20 flutter kicks, 10 seated knee tucks, 5 roll-ups again, 5 lying leg raise, 20 reverse crunches, 15 lunge twists and 30 jumping jacks.

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Even though I may be stuck at home, I will not let that prevent me from staying in shape, I will continue to work out even if I can not do it at the gym

— freshman Sofia Rodriguez

Full Body Workout

Those looking to stay completely in shape should perform a full-body workout, namely student-athletes.

To stay moderately in shape you should do reverse lunges (six reps per side), lateral split squats (6 reps per side), pushups (10 reps), hip bridges (10 reps) and mountain climbers for 30 seconds. Then, repeat it. To stay ripped, simply double the reps listed above.

Although there is a pandemic going around, it is important to stay fit and build up your immune system. Exercise is a small part of that so be sure to do some home workouts like the ones listed above and stay safe, Cavaliers!