Oh, Christmas Tree! New Ways to Decorate your Christmas Tree


Pablo Hanono

Christmas trees can have both personalized and thematic decorations

Melanie Estrada, Staff Writer

It’s time to switch things up for the holidays, a change from the old traditional tree look you use every year. Red and green ball ornaments are great, but you’ve probably been there done that, it is time to restore and strive for a unique tree during the holidays. The Riga tree in 1510 was the first decorated tree. Martin Luther decorated the tree in the early 16th century, according to the organization Christmas Archives International UK. Decorating the tree every year is one of the best things about Christmas. Here are some amazing one of kind trees to inspire you as you prepare for the holidays!

Classic Elements

The tree is typically the centerpiece of the living room. if you are going for an elegant looking tree plaid accents like white stars. Soft colors like light red and green with a charm giving off a vintage look and add a simple and help give the tree a Christmas like feel. The colors of your tree should be similar and match with the color of your living room.

Nataly Leiva
A Christmas tree with a variety of different color ornaments.

Farmhouse Tree

If your living room is decorated with fresh white natural textures for the holiday, a simple tree featuring natural elements is just what you need! Decorations like pine cones and cotton pieces give the tree an outdoorsy and rustic feel. A tree with drizzled snow with rustic ornaments like wood, bells, snowflakes.

“Decorating the Christmas tree with my family every year is one of my favorite things to do. Every year the tree can be decorated with any color, but this year we decided to decorate it in different colors, ” said Nataly Leiva.

Frosted Sugar and Blue Pine Tree

Icy blue Christmas decor with touches of silver, gray, and gold make for a dazzling and unique Christmas tree. This look will make the space you put the tree in bigger.

Kamilah Cespedes
A tree decorated with blue and grey ornaments with a couple of blue flowers.

Let it Snow

A classic way to give your tree a winter look is by using snow related decorations like snowmen, snowflakes, and ice skates. Below the tree, a glittering Christmas village makes for a cool alternative to the standard gift display. This tree decoration gives with snowflakes and drizzling snow and a pair of ornaments like skates give the tree a feel that is perfect if you love winter.

“I love Christmas! Blue is a beautiful color and it goes with well with the winter theme I was going for. Every year with my family I like to pick out to different colors that match well with our living room decoration,” said freshman Kamilah Cespedes.

Light it up

Decorating the tree with colored lights, white and even fairy lights and a big beautiful star is an alternative if you don’t like ornaments. Putting a star ties the look all together with the lights.  If you want to make your tree light up add bright tones such as white, grey, and light blue.

There are so many ways to decorate your tree, instead of going for the traditional look a change is great for a change. Christmas trees have been around for so long having them is a way to decorate and celebrate with your family and friends.