Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Step Down From the Royal Family


Maia Berthier

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and their son, Archie laughing during an interview.

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

On Jan. 8, the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, revealed that they will be stepping down from the royal family to become financially independent and live their lives the way they please. Even prior to the couples’ marriage, the media has been quick to attack Markle on everything and anything.

Many were very upset over the news, but failed to realize that the duke and duchess are capable of making their own decisions. Markle signed a contract with the Walt Disney Company, which indicated that she wants to pursue new endeavors, and it is quite obvious why both wanted to leave royalty behind. Besides the media having all sorts of opinions on them, they were very restricted on what they could wear and say; Markle had to follow strict rules regarding royal etiquette and, although it is tradition, she does not deserve hate if she does something wrong accidentally given she was not born into that lineage.

Not only that, but many have commented on how she should not be in the royal family because she is biracial. These racist comments are extremely rude and should not be tolerated by anyone. Leaving the royal family was a good idea because now she can avoid that unnecessary criticism and relax with her family.

“I am glad they want to be independent. They have a child now and you can tell how much they love him, and I think the media criticizing their every move is so unnecessary,” senior Sophia Campos said.

The couple also has a baby, Archie, and they both want to give their full attention to him. Living their own life outside of Windsor House gives them the opportunity to raise their own child. Recent pictures have showed Meghan and Harry as happy as can be as they do their own thing in Canada with their dogs and Archie but, of course, the media had to get involved and many people on Twitter had the audacity to criticize Markle on how she was carrying Archie. Again, it is their life and they have full control of it, so they are fully capable of deciding what is best for their family.

“I think at the end of the day they are people and not everyone realizes this. No one wants to be told what to do, what to say and how to say it, so if they feel that decision is what is right for them, I think everyone needs to just respect it and move on,” senior Janelle Lora said.

Although many are in favor of them leaving, others consider their departure as breaking a tradition that has lasted hundreds of years. However, the heavy scrutiny that they have faced in the mere two years they have been married in the royal family is clear justification. To give an example, Meghan Markle closed her own car door and the media was quick to criticize her and say she was not fit to be a royal. Markle closing a door does not seem like a big deal, but because of the constant magnifying glass that the royals are under, it was a scandal for the tabloids. Leaving the royal family would allow their growing family to have the space from the public eye that they deem necessary.

It is a good thing overall that both have left, for the sake of their own independence and freedom. Again, it is Meghan and Harry’s decision, and it is their life. People need to mind their own business because for the most part, them wanting to be independent will not affect anyone drastically. All the criticism they currently receive can be toxic, so wanting a break from constantly being in the limelight is completely reasonable.