Trump’s Rash Decisions Intensify Iranian Conflict


Maria Puyana

Iran vs the United States and its ongoing conflict

Maria Puyana, Staff Writer

One of the many promises Trump made during his campaign was to solve the conflict of the Middle East Wars. Trump’s first step in attempting to solve this issue was to authorize the assassination of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani, an attack that was reckless and ignorant as sending a drone strike to a high-ranking official of a sovereign nation is considered an act of war by every standard. The United States Congress does not have evidence that proves Soleimani’s allegedly planned attacks, Trump has not provided any discernible plan for what to do next as a result of this mindless action and, if a war were to begin, millions of innocent Americans would suffer the consequences.

In 2018, Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, ruining the smallest possibility of creating stability and peace between Iran and the United States. It seems as if he thought it would benefit America, but withdrawing from this deal crippled the Iranian economy, which led to larger issues concerning Iran’s relationship with America. Further, killing Soleimani heated the tension between the United States and Iran even more, as his funeral alone caused a massive stampede killing more than 50 Iranians.

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I believe Trump made the wrong decision in killing him because the potential negative effects from the tension in Iran heavily outweigh the positive ones”

— Felix Audouze

In addition, there was no concrete proof that Soleimani was planning an attack against the United States. The United States administration claims that Soleimani was plotting “impending” attacks against Americans and used the excuse of retaliating against increasing Iranian aggression, while others insisted it was to avoid a potential threat. However, they refuse to release any credible evidence that proves this statement. Recent speculations suspect that the administration is trying to cover up and support Trump’s impetuous actions. The United States provided few details about those specific threats posed by Soleimani and failed to clearly speak about the legal underpinnings that were occurring during the time of conflict.

Even though the Major General was not a great person, killing him was not the way to solve a dispute. Trump’s actions resulted in chaos not only for the United States, but for Iran as well.  As a result of these heightened tensions, U.S. Army troops were deployed to bases around Iran in case of Iranian aggression. If war were to break out, thousands of Americans would die on the battlefield because of an irrational decision.

¨The goal is to create peace and not war,¨ junior Camila Contreras said.

The United States Congress has not yet released evidence that proves Soleimani’s potential attacks, Trump has not provided any concrete plans and there are rumors of a future war. Although Soleimani is not exonerated from his crimes, there could have been a better political resolution rather than an act of violence. President Trump’s first priority must be to discuss the issue with Iran in order to sort out their differences and to maintain peace, rather than war.