Disney and Their Long List of Remakes: Crowd-Pleasers or Gold Diggers?



An overview of a couple of the films that Disney has remade into live action movies

Anthony Russo, Staff Writer

Throughout all of our  childhoods, we have had the privilege to witness the incredible cinematic masterpieces that are Disney’s animated movies, such as “The Lion King”, “Dumbo”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”, “The Little Mermaid” and many more.

Dating back to 2010 with the live action re-release of the film “Alice in Wonderland”, Disney has continued to reimagine their animated movies in live action- a move that has been extremely controversial for Disney fans. A primary motive for Disney fans to go see these films would be to seek out the feeling of nostalgia and happiness that the original movies brought them, but through a silver screen with advanced technology, computer-generated imagery (CGI) and special effects that are unparalleled.

However, would their feelings remain the same if the movie was not redone with equal or better quality? A major chunk of Disney’s brand is composed of their legendary classics, and recreating those films can completely destroy the value of them; it also hints that the creative minds behind the Disney and Pixar studio companies are running out of ideas and are searching for new sources of money. 

What makes the original Disney films so great is the fact that they are iconic, and they encapsulate the childhoods of many. Remaking these beloved movies and only changing the appearance does not do anything except spoil the value of the original films. Notorious scenes, such as Belle and the Beast waltzing in a ballroom, Princess Ariel flipping her hair and the “Lady and The Tramp” spaghetti kiss scene are so recognizable because of their originality; remaking it would only dwindle the value of these movies altogether.

“Recreating old movies takes the nostalgia away from the original films. All they want is money for an idea that was already made when all you’re doing is ruining the cartoonish vibe the movie originally had,” freshman Andrew Linares said.

Reusing old ideas that worked in that past is an all-too-obvious way to convey to your audience that the aspect of creativity and imagination that characterized Disney lore has diminished. Over the last six years, Disney has already made nine live action remakes, and plenty more are on the way. Instead of exploring new possibilities and creating new classics, Disney has decided to recycle their old films, leaving fans hungry and waiting for another great story.

Many people argue that reviving Disney classics is a good thing. Since these films got a tremendous amount of love when they released, many say that remaking them and spreading the magic across younger generations with improved technology is a good thing. However, while the original films did receive a lot of praise, should that warrant a remake? Put most bluntly, the answer to this controversial question is most evidently seen in the fan responses to these films. People loved the originals because of the fact that they were one-of-a-kind. Remaking the movies have only taken the spark away because Disney has been simply retelling a story through advanced mechanisms without enhancing or building off of the classic experience.

“I honestly believe that if they are going to recreate the old Disney films, they should at least leave the films how they initially were. They keep changing the entire story, and it’s ruining the entire point of them,” sophomore Kamila Campaneria said.

Disney is taking a huge misstep in its cinematic career by remaking all of these films, and they are only destroying the timeless value and worth of the original animated classics by recycling old movies. After all the controversy that these remakes have brought, Disney needs to tread carefully; you can only squeeze so much out of many beloved films before the stories get bland. In the end, these classic tales are better off left untouched after their animated journeys to the big screen.

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