Little Cavaliers Put On a Halloween Fashion Show


Ayleen Monzon

Little Cavalier modeling Batman costume at the Halloween Fashion Show.

Guiliana Garces, Staff Writer

The Little Cavaliers preschoolers took over Halloween as they walked the catwalk, showing off their spooky and creative costumes. Each month, the fashion club partners with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to organize events.  This month, on Oct. 31, the department organized a short fashion show in the Childcare patio for the young students.

“We wanted an event to kick off our year for the club. One of our club members suggested that we do a fashion show for the little Cavaliers and we jumped on the idea. We thought it would be cute because they wear their costumes to go trick or treating and this is an event that their parents can watch and take pictures of for memories,” senior Lauren Pettigrew said.

The club members created a back-drop along with other decorations, including pumpkins to get in the spirit of the holiday, and prepared music to set the scene for the Halloween-themed show. The children chose the costumes that they wanted to show off and came prepared to strike a pose on the catwalk.

The fashion club members divided the children into categories depending on their costumes and even changed the music to match the theme of these categories. There were Disney princesses, scary costumes and characters from movies, TV shows and cartoons. The audience consisted of eager parents and childcare students, but the main goal of the fashion club was to allow the children to have an enjoyable experience showing off their costumes and allow them to later go trick-or-treating around campus.

“The fashion show was mainly for the kids to enjoy this fun holiday and be able to experience the art of fashion shows. I think they really enjoyed themselves as they walked the catwalk and watched their classmates do it too,” senior Kayla Ramos said.

After the children walked the catwalk, the fashion club members rewarded them with goodie bags filled with candy. It was evident from the smiles on their faces that they enjoyed the candy just as much as they enjoyed the show!