Senior Pep Rally: Hyped In White

Adriana Meijaard, Staff Writer

This year, the homecoming football game was played against Christopher Columbus Senior High School, after years of playing it against Miami Senior High. To build excitement for one of the most important games of the year, homecoming spirit week ended with the annual Senior Pep Rally. Seniors were asked to dress in white to light up the auditorium as blacklights shone on them. The excitement in the auditorium could not go unnoticed with the deafening screams and bright colors all around.

To kick off the pep rally, seniors marched throughout the school, led by the Band of Distinction, Gables Color Guard and the Cheerleading Squad. Once inside the auditorium, they were given multi-colored light up foam batons, and inflatable balls were thrown off the balcony for the audience to pass around. The Gables Cheerleading squad, Gables Color Guard and the Gablettes performed, including special performances by senior cheerleaders and senior Gablettes. Finally, the football team was called up on stage to show the best plays of the season. The head coach, Coach Neil, got on the mic and thanked Gables for the support the football team had been receiving and reminded all to attend the game and continue supporting the team.

“As MC, it was really cool to have my teammates and I lead the seniors in the pep rally. I have always seen the line with the band and I have always wanted to lead the pep rally so it’s awesome I got to do it in my final year here,” senior Kassandra Luis said.

MC’s Adrianna Walton and Kassandra Luis had the job of hyping the crowd throughout the whole pep rally. They were able to get a selfie with their fellow classmates. Later, they called 4 seniors on stage to compete in Gables’ Trivia Game. The questions asked were: “What are the colors of Gables?” and “What is Principal Costa’s first name?” Afterwards, another set of seniors were called on stage to compete against the football players in an egg in spoon relay race.

“The pep rally was awesome. I was so happy that I got Costa’s name right because if I didn’t, I could’ve been in a little trouble,” senior Ewan Hennessy said.

The pep rally was closed with the singing of the Alma Mater, one of the last times seniors will sing it together. The rally was a success, with all the seniors leaving excited for the game that would be played the following day.

Photographers: Andes Velasco, Sara Zamora