Hillary Gains Lead in Battleground States

Alexander Yagoda, Staff Writer

Florida. Pennsylvania. Virginia. These are three of the several battleground states that are now leaning toward Hillary Clinton in recent polls of the nation. In some historically Republican states like Georgia, Clinton is now making a real effort to win the state, showing the cracks in Donald Trump’s Republican voter base.

“I would vote for Hillary because you’re talking about who is going to be one of the most powerful people on the planet, if not the most powerful. Also because would you want young kids growing up with a president who curses and doesn’t think about what he says (Trump) or somebody who has a lot of political and world experience (Clinton).” freshman Colin Wilson said.

Based on a Politico article by Steven Shepard, recent polls have shown that Trump’s lead soon after the primaries has not only disappeared, but reversed. Most likely to counteract this, Trump has brought Kellyanne Conway, a Republican campaign manager, strategist and pollster on board as his new campaign manager.

Conway came on board Trump’s campaign on August 17. Hopefully for Trump, his third campaign manager will help decrease Clinton’s nine point lead in Florida, a major battleground state with 29 electoral votes.

So, to all eligible voters reading this, remember to think about who to vote for, get all the information, and most importantly, get out and vote.