Out-of- State College Tour Fund



Gables students pose at UNC Chapel Hill

Catherine Healy, Business Manager

With Coral Gables Senior High’s 3rd annual out-of-state college tour, 45 students from the class of 2018 have the opportunity to tour colleges in the Boston area during the week of October 30th. The trip will take students to Harvard, Wellesley, Boston College, Dartmouth, Middlebury, and 11 other top schools that students otherwise wouldn’t be able to visit.

Unfortunately, some of our school’s best students cut out for these elite schools can’t afford the $975 needed for the trip. The class board would like to raise $1,000 to half the price of the tour for 2 of their peers.

This college tour has proven invaluable for students in the past, inspring students to apply to schools otherwise seen as beyond their reach.

Please donate to this cause at gofundme.com.

Students at Gables are hardworking, diligent, and sincere students and by no means should price stand in the way of their future prospects. Any kind of donation is appreciated.