Ring Ceremony Honors Rising Seniors

On Thursday, Jan. 28., the sun set as both parents and students arrived at school awaiting the opening of the auditorium doors. Everyone anticipated the start of the Junior Ring Ceremony.

Prior to the event, the junior class board spent months planning to make sure the night was one to remember.  As the day of the event came upon them, they spent the day decorating the auditorium and making sure everything was in place.

“I was so happy to see everyone’s excitement the moment they all put their rings on. I remember the day I got my class ring – it was being in the same auditorium experiencing it again. I really wanted to make this ceremony special for them by adding the photo back drop and adding my special touches,” Class of 2017  Sponsor Ms. Noval said.

As everyone was settling down, Ms. Noval gave an opening speech as JROTC Color Guard did a presentation of the colors while Gables’ Divaaz sang the National Anthem. As the night progressed, Class President Annie Farrell welcomed the juniors and their families to the ceremony. The speeches followed with vice-president Albany Muria explaining how the juniors should wear their rings, and class secretary Sabryna Gonzalez speaking about the tradition of unity. After presenting the rings to the class officers, treasurers Jose Puig and Hannah Cordes announced the rest of the class as they each stepped into the ring.

“[Once I put the ring on,] I finally felt like an upperclassmen and it hit me that high school is almost over. It was a really nice experience to put it on with the entire class – it’s like we all were connected somehow with our class rings,” class secretary Gonzalez said.

Once the juniors received their rings, Principal Costa gave a short speech and counted down as the juniors put their rings on at the same time. The ceremony closed with the Divaaz leading families and students in singing the Alma Mater. As the night ended, families stayed back to take pictures and enjoy the juniors being official upperclassmen.