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Club Fair may not have happened, but we’ve got a list of all of Gables’ clubs below:

Art Club

President: Paula Castanos ([email protected])

~ Interested in showing what you can do with a paper and pencil and a bit of creativity, art club is the one for you!

Best Buddies

President: Jordan Payne ([email protected])

~ In Best buddies you will be paired with a buddy and you will become their friend/mentor. So if you’re looking to meet some amazing people, this is the place for you.

Blood Drive

President: Deanna Reyes ([email protected])

~ Like organizing blood drives to help give back to the community? Blood drive is the club for you!

Creative Writing

President: Daniella Munoz ([email protected])

~ Have free flowing ideas that you don’t quite know what to do with them? Join the creative writing club.

Debate Club

President: Maria Estrada ([email protected])

~ If you enjoy talking about interesting topics and competing against others, then Debate is a must have.


President: Joseph Villafane ([email protected])

~ Want to pursue a business oriented competitive high school career, you should consider Future Business Leaders of America.


President: Alexa Garcia

~ Future Educators of America is a club that helps teacher around the classroom. The teachers will mentor students that aspire to work in the same field as them.

Gables Earth

President: Holden Payne ([email protected])

~ In Gables Earth you get to interact with the earth while helping out the school and the community’s greenness.

Gables Players

President: Erica Alonso ([email protected])

~ Enjoy acting and showing your skills on the stage? Gables players is club full of fun, enthusiastic and entertaining people and now you can join them!

Girls Who Code

President: Sofia Quevedo ([email protected])

~ This is Girls Who Code’s first year at Gables. If you’re interested in learning or even expanding your knowledge on coding, this will definitely be your place.


President: Valeria Roa ([email protected])

~ GSA is a club that works to improve school climate for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. It’s a fun family to become apart of.


President: Maya Iskandarani ([email protected])

~ In order to join IBHS, you must be in the IB program. Joining IBHS will provide you with plenty of community service opportunities, especially during Bridge for Peace, the annual international fundraiser hosted by the club.


President: Gisselle Vera ([email protected])

~ Interact! Interact! Interact! Start earning those much needed community hours while enjoying yourself with a few laughs and a few friends.

Italian Club

President: Viangely Asencio ([email protected])

~ If you’re Italian and are looking for a place to meet more people from the same country as you, you should definitely join! And if you’re not Italian, but you’re still interested in learning about the great culture, you should join too! You might even get to make pasta!

Key Club

President: Amanda Henry ([email protected])

~ Key club is a service oriented club. Key club helps build leaders in individuals through community service.

Math HS

President: Juan Salazar  ([email protected])

~ In Math Honor Society you will put your math skills to work in competitions and other club activities.


President: Olivia Field ([email protected])

~ National English Honor Society is a club directed by one of our English teachers, Mrs. Armenteros. This is a club where well developed and committed writers and readers come together.

New Revival

President: Paul Saleh ([email protected])

~ In new revival you will meet other people that share your same religious passion.


President: Gabrielle Saliamonas ([email protected])

~ To join National Honor Society you must be a 10th, 11th or 12th grader with an unweighted GPA of at least 3.00. It is an honor society that recognizes high academic achievement and requires community service.

Quill & Scroll

President: Eleanor Bauwens ([email protected])

~ Quill & Scroll is a club where you get to learn and experience everything about publications.


President: Jose Rendon ([email protected])

~ If you’re interested in building and programming robots and/or want to pursue a career in engineering, robotics will not be a waste of your time.

Science NHS

President: Daniela Quijano ([email protected])

~ This is Science National Honor Society’s first year in Coral Gables. Run by Mr. Molina, no doubt this is a fun, exciting and challenging club. Filling you with crazy science knowledge while doing multiple labs.


President: Karla Santoyo ([email protected])

~ SECME stands for Science, Engineering, Communication, Mathematics, and Enrichment. In this club directed by Mrs. Phillips, a science teacher, not only will you become a science genius, you will also compete with other schools around Florida.


President: Mark Braun ([email protected])

~ Support Our Sports is a sports based club that raises awareness and enthusiasm for Gables once under rated sports teams. As well as fundraising for equipment.


President: Joshua Zambrano ([email protected])

~ National Spanish Honor Society’s goals and aspirations are to spread the Hispanic culture and bring awareness to many issues affecting Hispanics in our community. In essence, they are a service club to everyone and anyone who is in need.


President: Laura Prado ([email protected])

~ Coral Gables’s Music Honor Society, Tri-M, is an exclusive club for all students enrolled in a music class. It fuses community service and the love of music to create a great club.