Coming Soon to You From Apple

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer

After making the whole smartphone community wait for almost a year, Apple’s next iPhone is right around the corner. Not only that, but the latest model is expected to use a new software, iOS 9, which was announced at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) this June in San Francisco. Rumors point a Sept. 9 announcement. Here are the latest rumors and leaks on Apple’s next big thing.

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The picture gives an idea of what the new color will look like and shows the other, more familiar, colors.

iPhone 6S/6S+Knowledge concerning the S rendition of the iPhone 6/6+ is based on rumors and leaks; the following features are not confirmed to be on the phone. That being said, there are many expectations for the new iPhone. Most of them are internal, but there are a few external ones. The iPhone will be expected to come out on the normal colors (gold, silver, and space gray) and the highly expected rose gold color, in addition to a new glass screen (similar to gorilla glass) and a stronger aluminum body. Other features added to the device are internal.

The new iPhone’s features wont’ be seen at a first glance, however they will highly improve the user’s experience. It is predicted that the camera will be upgraded 12 MP, allowing for much better pictures, and the anterior camera will also receive an upgrade to 5 MP and will have a wider range, allowing better selfies with more people. Given the new 12 MP camera, the phone will be able to capture 4K video (extremely high definition).  Its new screen will incorporate the revolutionary force touch feature, which has enjoyed much success since its implementation in the Apple Watch. A brand new A9 chip will replace the 6’s A8 chip. In turn, the chip will allow for faster LTE and will use less battery, making the phone much more efficient.

“I am nothing but excited and looking forward to the experience of using iOS 9,” freshman Kevin Alvarez said.

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Image displaying some of the IOS 9 features.

iOS 9: Apple has released a few public betas of iOS 9 a lot is known about the features that it will come with it. The new software will feature a news application, where people can read the stories that they want. “Notes,” Apple’s embedded note-taking application, will receive significant upgrades, making it much more useful; it will henceforth allow you to make checklists, insert pictures and draw sketches. Apple Pay will support more cards and by double-clicking on the home button will show it when in the lock screen. Apple has decided to also to upgrade the maps app. This upgrade will allow users to see public transportation lines and stations.

“I am really excited for the better specs and iOS 9 the iPhone 6s will have,” freshman Julius Telleria said.

iOS 9 will make your phone a better co-pilot than it has ever been with CarPlay. With CarPlay, an iPhone can be connected to a car without needing to plug it in. iPad users will make iPhone users jealous with an exclusive feature for their device. Multitasking will be the revolutionary feature that will allow to use two apps at once. Keyboard enhancements will allow for easier text selection and there will be plenty of shortcuts that will make typing a lot easier. Last but not least, Siri will be able to do much more things and will understand much better when someone speaks.

Apple will surely not disappoint anybody with their coming devices and software. The iPhone 6S/6S+ will surely be one of the best phones out there and one of the most wanted phones. Its software, iOS 9, will give the phone and previous devices a better and more friendly experience.