Texas Still in Natural Disaster



The state of Texas is currently experiencing devastating conditions after the recent floods.

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

In recent weeks, the U.S. Midwest has experienced severe floods due to uncontrollable torrential rains and tornadoes, resulting in over 30 deaths and 15 missing people. Houston, Texas was hit yet again by intense precipitation this Wednesday, leaving the Texan community hectic as they struggle to withstand and recover from the devastation.

Due to the recent floods, Texas has suffered widespread damage to both their citizens and infrastructure. After the first flood and successive tornado that passed through Texas, several homes were wrecked and many citizens are now without shelter. As the approach towards dealing with this natural disaster becomes more organized, the awareness of its severeness has increased.

Recent news from meteorologists show that the storms will continue to pass over Texas and will affect states surrounding Texan borders. Yet, the greatest amount of fear is still for Texas as a dam near Dallas is threatened. It continues to overflow and is unable to undergo much needed rehabilitation, due to the overwhelming amount of precipitation. For more information click here.

As the floods continue to occur and their effects expand to outer regions, more people run the risks of experiencing the current conditions of Texas. Although little can be done to prevent such catastrophes, more is being done to keep people safe from the unexpected effects of a storm.