Recap: May 4-May 10


Recap: May 4-May 10

Daniela Quijano, Editor

International Affairs

A 10-year-old girl was raped by her stepfather and is now pregnant. Activist groups are pressing the government in Paraguay to allow her to have an abortion, a procedure that is illegal in the country except when the pregnancy threatens the mother’s life. Groups say that her age would fall under the exception.

“Two ambassadors and the wives of two other ambassadors were among seven people killed when a helicopter crashed Friday into a school in northern Pakistan.”.”Pakistan’s military believes a mechanical problem caused the Mi-17 helicopter to go down”. Some say the Pakistani group known as the TTP or the Pakistani Taliban is responsible for the attack. You can read our news brief Here!

“A gunman wearing a suicide bomb vest attacked a school in northeast Nigeria’s Yobe state Friday morning, leaving 12 people seriously injured and the attacker dead”.

With “maximum sustained winds of about 260 kph (160 mph) and gusts as strong as 315 kph (195 mph).”, the typhoon forced more than 1,200 people to relocate.

“ISIS claims its fighters on the outside coordinated with inmates”.”According to a statement posted on several prominent ISIS accounts on Twitter, fighters on the outside blew up military and security vehicles near the prison with improvised bombs.”.


Domestic Affairs

“U.S. military bases are now at ‘Force Protection Bravo’ which is defined by the Pentagon as an “increased and predictable threat of terrorism.” It is the third-highest threat level on a five-tier scale used by the Department of Defense.” After the police killed two gunmen who tried to ambush an event in Garland Texas featuring controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, “The military became alarmed when one of the jihadists linked to the attack tweeted the name and address of a U.S. military officer connected to the military’s Syrian rebel training program”.

Doctor Ian Crozier was treated for Ebola last year and was declared free of the virus. However, after experiencing a sharp pain in his eye, he found out that the virus still resides in his eye. Crozier is not contagious since the virus resides deep within his eye.

A small, single-engine plane crashed on I-285, just north of Atlanta killing 4 passengers. No one on the interstate was injured.

Ana made landfall at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday just north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Maximum wind speeds were recorded at 60mph and are expected to decrease as the storm weakens.

“Two police officers were shot dead in Mississippi late Saturday. It was the first time in 30 years that an officer was killed in the line of duty in Hattiesburg”. The officers were making a traffic stop when they were shot. They were taken to the hospital but did not survive.