Recap: March 2-March 8


Recap: March 2- March 8

Daniela Quijano, Editor

International Affairs

The judicial system in Iran is based on Hammurabi’s code which famously calls for ‘an eye for an eye’. A man was convicted for blinding another man with acid and he was blinded as punishment.

The site of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud was bulldozed by ISIS a week after the group targeted the Mosul Museum in Iraq.

Pictures depicting people being thrown off roofs allegedly capture attacks on homosexual males. According to prophetic traditions and readings in the Quran, homosexuality is regarded as a punishable sin.

The explosion occurred in the city of Maiduguri at the city’s main market and bus station. Four  suicide bombers were responsible for the attacks. No particular group is responsible for the attacks, but Islamist extremist group Boko Haram has been responsible for several attacks in the last couple of months.

Colombia seized a Chinese ship carrying arms allegedly headed for Cuba. The captian stated the ship only carried chemicals, but searches “revealed a large cache of illegal arms, including 99 rockets, 3,000 cannon shells, 100 tons of military-grade dynamite and 2.6 million detonators.” Ship Da Dan Xia’s captain is being charged for illegal arms trafficking.

Domestic Affairs

Actor Harrison ford managed to land his plane in a Gold Course in Souhtern California after an engine failure. He was hospitalized Friday, March 6.

Delta airlines plane skid off the runway in the morning of Thursday, March 5. The plane stopped feet before the water after breaking through a fence. None of the 127 passengers was injured.

A group of girls in Alabama were planning to videotape their fight in a park and post it online. After the girls began fighting, they were shot at by two males and one of the girls was killed and the other two were injured.

“The family of Michael Brown, the teen killed last year by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, will file a civil wrongful death lawsuit in the case “very shortly,” attorney Anthony Gray said Thursday.”.