Congrats to JROTC

Congratulations to all!

Congratulations to all!

Catherine Healy , Business Manager

Feb. 26  JROTC  conducted its program accreditation inspection and earned a passing grade of 95.8 overall. Evaluators from the Army’s Cadet Command conducted the inspection which consisted of 14 different areas, of which 12 are directly related to Cadet performance.

 Scoring a 95% or better also earns the title of “Honor Unit with Distinction”, a title JROTC have maintained since 2004. With this title the Cadets will continue wearing the Gold Star on their uniform. The star is worn on the right side, above the name tag and below the Coral Gables coat of arms.

The Cadets are proud to wear the Gold Star, it’s an indication of their accomplishment and it sets them apart from other schools.