A Rise in School Spirit


A big supporter of our Cavalier sports, Junior Class President, Cole Scanlon, noticed last year that Cavalier spirit and support was lacking. Instantly taking initiative, Scanlon used the summer to begin brainstorming the idea of creating a club that focuses on rewarding students who get involved in the sports offered at school; not only as athletes, but also as enthusiastic fans. Thus, Support Our Sports was labeled as an official club at the start of the year.

“After being a member of the JV football and Varsity soccer team last year, I realized that the school spirit and general support for our sports was not where it should be. The purpose of the club is to make supporting our sports team rewarding,” Scanlon said.

Officers meet two weeks prior to each general meeting date, which is on the fourth Wednesday of every month, to delegate what needs to be done. Once the meeting date arrives, officers present what they have been working on. “The community service officers, for example, are creating committees of members to volunteer at the games to fund-raise by selling food/drinks, face paint, create posters, and hand out fan gear.”

When members volunteer or attend a game, they are required to take a picture of themselves, show it to their club sponsor, Dr. Scanlon, and she will then stamp their membership card. The numbers of stamps are used to determine whether the member is eligible for induction or not.

The amount of stamps also correlates with the reward the member will receive. On November 9 each member with at least four stamps will be given a Smoothie King smoothie. Those with ten stamps will be entered in a variety of raffles during club meetings, for AMC gift cards, school home season pass tickets, Marlins tickets, Heat tickets, and more.

In addition to all the rewards, S.O.S also has an S.O.S player of the week and an S.O.S player of the month to recognize outstanding athletes.

Scanlon also went beyond Gables spirit and back to his roots by creating a partnership with GW Carver Middle School. A group of members go to the middle school after school and volunteer to help at sport practices and games.

“Two of my siblings go there and I went there so I know the coaches, but it’s a great way for students to get community service. We really want to expand the theme to support school sports to Carver and even elementary schools,” Scanlon said.

Overall, the club does much more than just promote school spirit and support toward our sports. It increases attendance at games, rewards athletes, and provides community service.

Scanlon continued, “It has been successful especially considering this is our first year. What I like about the club is that there are aspects for everyone. If you are artistic you could design posters, if you are a good sales person you could help fund raise, if you like teaching others you could join our afterschool program at GW Carver Middle, and if you just like watching sports games you could go and get rewards and treats for doing it.”

If anyone is interested in joining, contact club president, Cole Scanlon and join the SOS (Support Our Sports) group on Facebook to stay updated.