Put on your Pink Bra & Run!

Put on your Pink Bra & Run!

Victoria Elliot

Interact came together to participate in Making Strides against Breast Cancer.

Patricia Passwaters, Executive Editor

Over 250 teams signed up to be a part of the Breast Cancer walk held on October 13th. Our very own Interact Club was among the teams that signed up to volunteer. A group of members met at the Equestrian Center in Tropical Park at 6:00 AM under a rainstorm to help set up for a walk that has been highly awaited.

“I wasn’t discouraged by the rain so much as annoyed. It can make the day a lot harder to organize. I was afraid that not as many walkers or volunteers would show up because of it, but it turned out fine,” sophomore Hanna Payne said.

Registration for participants began at 7:30 AM. Once registered, they were able to enjoy the live music and grab something to eat from the various food trucks.

Walkers were demonstrating their support by not only showing up to participate, but by wearing pink bedazzled bras.

“Only at the Breast Cancer Awareness walk would we be able to see grown men wearing pink short-shorts and bedazzled bras,” said junior Daniela Karaki-Suarez.

Volunteers were distributed among the variety of jobs such as controling the parking area, taking care of the water stations, cheering on the walkers or helping out at the different booths that were set up.

“Despite the unfortunate weather, it was really great seeing so many people of all ages come out and support such a wonderful cause,” junior Edward Torgas said.