Students Shine in Second Pep Rally of the Year

Gables Live!

Julian Martell, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Once again, students gathered in the auditorium on Friday, September 14, with no other objective other than to cheer the football team on to possible victory. This time, the pep rally preceded an epic showdown between our very own Coral Gables Cavaliers and the Northwestern Bulls. It took about half an hour for the crowd to file in completely, but when they did, the chaos began.

The pep rally officially began around 1:40 pm with something I, personally, call a “Stupor Stopper.” This consists of a grand introduction featuring the Band of Distinction, the cheerleaders, and the Gablettes. Also, our mascots, the Cav-man and the Hype-man, came out on stage and did their signature dances. Finally, the Stupor Stopper ended with a t-shirt toss and the distribution of noise-makers.

Next up, the Band of Distinction and the cheerleaders performed a jaw-dropping routine. The band’s pounding drums melded with the cheerleaders’ sharp moves to create a show that one simply cannot look away from.

One of the major highlights of the pep rally was when Coach Pollard himself got up on stage and delivered a truly heartfelt speech. This speech was about success, and to quote Coach Pollard, “Success is nothing other than reaching your potential.”

After his speech, however, he decided to have a little fun. Announcing that one should never lose a bet with him, Coach Pollard invited up on stage one of the players and, to the poor player’s total embarrassment, asked him to dougie, in front of the entire crowd, ALONE. After torturing the poor boy for a little while, Coach Pollard called up the entire team and asked THEM to dougie; which they did, although hesitantly.

After the whole “dougie” incident, the hosts of the pep rally called up four random students from the crowd, one from each grade level, and asked them to participate in “Tradition Trivia.” In this contest, the four students were asked questions and whichever person answered the most of them correctly received a prize. In the end, out of the four students up on stage, the senior won.

Up after the contest was another great performance by the Gables cheer team. This routine was equally as amazing as the one preformed earlier, except for its ending. For the finale, the cheerleaders separated into two groups and stacked themselves into Statue of Liberty type poses, with one cheerleader standing on the palms of several other cheerleaders below her.

After the cheerleaders made their mark, a rather new team went up and made a very good impression. Performing their routine after the cheerleaders were Sisters with Attitude (SWA), the new step team. One must say, their name is quite self explanatory when they’re up on stage performing.

Following SWA was a grand performance by Coral Gables’s very own Gablettes. The Gablettes danced their way through several songs, mixed together by the school’s most experienced computer experts. Like any other given performance, this one was very memorable.

The school mascots lent their voices to the pep rally (Gasp! Impossible.) in order to organize the final chants of the event. What begins at all must, at some point however, end. Thus the singing of the school’s Alma Mater brought the second pep rally of the 2012/2013 school year to a final close.