Freshman Orientation



Freshman Orientation is a rite of passage that new Cavaliers will enjoy.

Patricia Passwaters, Executive Editor

Freshmen orientation not only confirms the ending of another school year, but it is also a highly anticipated day for those incoming freshmen. Every year an orientation is held for those students who want to get a glimpse of the halls they will soon be walking.

Sabrina Ochoa is one of the hundreds of students that crammed into the auditorium on the evening of June 5th. “I’d heard so many great things about Gables that I figured I would have a great time and I did! I didn’t know where to start, or where to look. There was so much going on that I found myself to be dumbfounded and overjoyed!” Ochoa said.

Many current students involved in the different activities offered such as, drama, dance, band, athletics, and clubs presented themselves to the incoming underclassmen to inform them of the benefits of getting involved. They were also able to call the attention of their audience by showcasing the do’s and don’ts of uniform regulation by putting on a fashion show.

“It felt rewarding that after so much planning for the orientation as a whole that we were able to see how much fun the audience was having by watching us perform what we had practiced for over and over again,” senior class treasurer, Jake Mekin said.

Orientation night is an annual tradition that enriches the experiences of our peers. It is a night that always goes remembered; especially if you are the new fish in the pond.