Reopening of Schools FAQs

Natalie Abrahantes, CavsTV Co-Editor-in-Chief

Q: How do I know if I will be returning physically or staying at home?

A: In order to view the most up to date information, students must download the Dadeschools app on their phone and click on “Return to School” on the top left. For the most up to date information, please log out of the application and back in.

Q: Can we change our “Return to School” option?

A: At this moment there will be no changes from Online to Physical, but all changes from Physical to Online will be granted. 

Q: How do we change from physical to online?

A: If you are currently listed as “Physical” and would like to switch to “Online,” parents must email your counselor requesting this change. Requests must be made by a parent. 

Q: Are there any etiquette standards student must follow while on a Zoom call? 

A: Students are to arrive to class on time wearing a uniform top. All cameras must be on for attendance, if turned off the student may be marked absent to class. Additionally, students must have their microphones on mute, a well lit background, and appropriate background, and have to be sitting on a table/desk.

Q: How do I know who my counselor is?

A: Counselors are determined by the academy that you’re in. If you don’t know what academy you are in, please ask one of your teacher’s to help you find this information.

Q: There has been so much back and forth, when are schools actually reopening for students who are listed as “Physical” on the Dadeschools app? 

A: Return dates are ONLY for students who are listed as “Physical.” 9th & 10th grade students who are listed as physical will be returning on Wednesday, October 7. 11th & 12th grade students who are listed as physical will be returning on Friday, October 9. 

Q: What will be our new schedule? 

A: Beginning Wednesday, October 7- all students whether they are physical or online must be in class by 7:15. The new bell schedule will be provided shortly.

Q: What is the uniform policy?

A: The school uniform includes a Black, Red, Gray or White polo and bottoms include Jeans (not ripped), Black or Tan Khaki Pants/Shorts (Dickies, Dockers, Cargo Style). Spirit/Club shirts can only be worn on Fridays. A student ID is also considered to be part of the uniform and must be worn at all times. 

Q: What will schools look like when we return? What are the new rules? 

A: School will be very different.

  1. All students are required to properly wear their mask at all times.
  2. Students will be socially distance
  3. Hallways/Walkways will be one-way.
  4. Bathroom usage is very limited. Only two students can use the restroom at a time
  5. Students will no longer be able to visit teachers or walk the hallway during class time.
  6. All classroom assignments will still be given via a students device.

Q: What kind of materials/supplies do we need?

A: Students must wear a mask at all times. They are also highly encouraged to pack an extra mask in their backpack as well as an umbrella, hand sanitizer and their own water bottle- most water fountains will be turned off. 

Q: Is the construction completed? 

A: No. Gables is currently down about 15 classrooms, one cafeteria and two walkways. 

Q: What is the breakfast/lunch procedure?

A: There is one cafeteria and two additional lunch stations. All locations will be “grab and go” which means that students will not be able to eat inside of the cafeteria. Students will grab their lunch from these stations and sit outside in the pavilion following all social distance guidelines. 

Q: What is the lunch procedure for students who are remaining online? 

A: Lunch time will depend upon a student’s 5th & 6th period class. 

Q: Is it too late to apply for free/reduced lunch?

A: No, it is not too late. Students and parents should visit for more information. For the time being all students will receive free lunch. All students will always receive free breakfast.

Q: What is the procedure for students who experience COVID symptoms? 

A: Students who are experiencing COVID symptoms will be placed in an isolation room. Students who go to the isolation room must be picked up by a parent and tested if recommended by the school nurse. Students must wait for a result before returning to school. Contact tracing will occur.  

Q: What is the tardy procedure for students who are returning physically? 

A: You must arrive in school and be in class by 7:15. Students who are late will receive a tardy pass and be subject to disciplinary action if they accumulate excessive tardies. 

Q: What is the procedure to excuse an absence? 

A: In order to excuse an absence, students must submit an excuse within 3 days to [email protected]

Q: Because laptops/tablets will still be used in class, is there a procedure in place in the case that a student’s device runs out of battery? 

A: Power strips or charging carts will be placed in classrooms. Laptops should only be used as needed or when indicated by the teacher to avoid battery loss. 

Q: If a student doesn’t have a laptop/tablet, will the school be able to provide one? 

A: Mobile device checkout will be based on availability. Students should check with their teacher on whether they will require a mobile device for class.

Q: Where can I see the updated A/B schedule? 

A: The updated A/B schedule for the first quarter can be found under “Briefs” or by clicking on “Calendar” located at the top of