Gables Players learn to “be the bacon.”

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Gables Players learn to “be the bacon.”

Camile Betances

Students become "bacon" at the first Gables Players meeting on 9.6.12.


Gabrielle Garcia, Layout Team, Catharsis, Literary Magazine

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On September 6, 2012, Gables Players successfully had their first meeting of the year. A plethora of fresh faces and different age groups, varying from freshmen to seniors… They all had a blast!

Stephanie Elmir, a junior at Coral Gables High stated, “ It was a ton of fun, I thought the time went by really fast.”

Half of the little theatre was occupied, when the meeting began with the introduction of all officers; Carlos Baez (President), Dianne Garriga (Vice President), Roberto Alfonso ( First lieutenant), Lorrelle Jock ( Treasure), Claire Levis (Secretary), Gabrielle Garcia (Historian) and Leli Hernandez, Joshua Dodge, Robin Carcasas, Ronald Vidal, Nelson Delgado, and of course our teacher and mentor, the lovely Mrs.Tracey-Barrow Schoenblatt with her always classic appearance, welcomed all of the newcomers.

A traditional wake up call known as “the warm-up,” followed the introduction. It was an interesting way to catch the attention of all the club members.  In the warm-up, Roberto Alfonso and Dianne Garriga began with a chant consisting of the words, “ Be the Banana, Be, Be, the banana; Peel the banana, peel, peel, the banana; GO Banana’s, GO,GO, Banana’s!”

With that being said, the circle of club members mimicked all the funky movements displayed by the officers. The next chant included an interesting food choice, “ Be the Bacon, Be, Be, the Bacon; Fry the Bacon, fry, fry, the Bacon!” Simultaneously the members lied down and became the BACON! Walking in at that moment was Mrs.Barrow, who is a Vegan. Ultimately, we decided on Vegan bacon instead.

At this time, we are all warmed up and ready for all the craziness that lied ahead, when Carlos Baez elects ten volunteers to participate in the next game called “Story-Story Die.” This is when the selected volunteers run wild with their imaginations, all in a matter of seconds. Lorrelle Jock, the Queen of  “Story-story Die,” once again proved her right to the throne when she won one of the most difficult rounds ever seen. The words “No” “Know” “or” and “the” were excluded from all sentence structure(s) the player would try to say their lines… Puzzled and out of breath, Lorelle’s opponent gave up and died the “Dramatic Death!”

On a sweet note, Stephanie Elmir expressed her personal experience through out the drama meeting “A really sweet experience would be taking my ‘freshie’ brother to his first Gables Players meeting last week. He’s not always out going, so I dragged him to the drama room, but after an hour of dancing like bananas and bacon, and quirky drama games, he really enjoyed himself. I’m one smugly proud big sister.”

As expected, time quickly became an enemy for the Gables Players and officers. After an hour, and with many other fun events to experience, time sadly shut us down. Until next time… GO GABLES PLAYERS!

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