2nd Annual College Fair Connects Gables Students with Over 60 Colleges & Universities

Paulina Picciano, Copy Editor

Thursday, October 11, 2012, marked Coral Gables Senior High School’s second annual College Fair. The day began early in the morning with members of the PTSA, faculty, staff, and students setting up the gym in preparation for the representatives to arrive. Each member of the college fair committee worked hard to ensure that the gym and media center looked their best to receive these prestigious guests.

As the representatives began to arrive, they were escorted by student volunteers to the media center, where they attended a breakfast which included presentations by the ROTC color guard, Band of Distinction, chorus, and the mayor of Coral Gables, Jim Cason. Representatives mingled with members of the faculty, administration, and staff as they enjoyed their meals. Many said how nice the reception was, and even remarked that they had never had such a reception at a high school before.

After the breakfast, the representatives headed to the gym to prepare to meet students. Starting during first lunch, the fair itself spanned over three 30 minute sessions and extended for a bit after school. More importantly, though, within that time students were able to talk to college representatives and ask them whatever questions they had about the schools they were interested in.

Ms. Stack, the school’s CAP Adviser, was ecstatic over the fair’s success. She said it received “top marks” from the participating college reps, who were impressed by the students and the interests they took in their schools. Similarly, students were also satisfied with how the college fair was put on.

The junior class was very impressed with the fair overall. They had this to say about their experience:

Nathaly Fierro, said, “It was really good this year. I learned more about the different schools. Maybe it’s because I’m a junior and am closer to graduating.”

“I [thought] it was nice. Definitely got me in touch with a number of colleges,” said Eduardo Villoch.

Derya Tansel added, “I would have preferred it to be organized by the school’s specialty, like law or arts, but it was good overall.”

Also, let’s not forget who made the college fair possible, the Coral Gables High PTSA. Aida Shafer, the organization’s president, was pleased with the help she received from student volunteers in the planning stages of the fair as well as during the event. She said,

“We [were] very pleased at the outcome of the Fair. We believe we were able to showcase our school and its students, and that the fair offered our students a unique opportunity to meet with many college representatives and get an idea of what each has to offer.”

The CGHS College Fair was definitely a success, and it will continue to be an essential part of the Cavalier community for years to come.