Miami’s Eating House Delights 

Miami’s Eating House combines modern decor with innovative cuisine.


Eating House’s entrance and terrace. Penelope Acevedo/highlights

     With iridescent indigo and hot pink graffiti on the walls and an array of unusual food items in an eclectic menu, Miami’s Eating House provides a soft yet lively ambiance. Located at 804 Ponce de Leon Blvd., this restaurant, serving locally sourced food is a Coral Gables hotspot.

     The restaurant at the northern edge of the Gables gives off a unique urban feel. The rustic theme brings a funky and exciting  feeling due to the vibrant décor. Inside, old fashioned books fill the walls along with hanging light bulbs in wire cages.

      A view of the kitchen allows customers to watch the chefs  as the wait staff puts in their orders.

The open kitchen allows for customers to see their food being prepared. Penelope Acevedo/highlights

     “I got the mixed greens salad when I went to Miami’s Eating House. I would say I chose this item because of how healthy and tasty it looked with the carrots, cucumber and sesame vinaigrette. I would rate the item 10/10 and definitely recommend it to everyone,” freshman Alicia Amador said. 

     The dinner prices range from $11 to $30, which puts it in the moderate cost category. Eating House has several appetizing meals. The restaurant not only serves brunch and lunch, but also dinner. The food is American cuisine and offers meals like dessert pancakes, pita sandwiches and even chicken & waffles. One of the most popular orders, “Cap’n Crunch pancakes” at $14, offers an innovative twist to traditional buttermilk pancakes, topped with condensed milk syrup, vanilla butter and candied Cap’n Crunch cereal. Their dinner menu serves a diverse and varied selection of appetizers and entrees. Among the fan favorites, the “carbonara eggs benedict,” is made from soft-cooked eggs, apple smoked bacon, black truffle and grana padano.

Cap’n Crunch Pancakes is one of the most popular items on the menu. Courtesy of Eating House Miami

     “The chef and a couple guys were born and raised in Miami, so it’s a very family owned and operated business…We use what we know from growing up, taking the flavors and putting them all together, wrapped up in our main dining experience,” manager Alexander Casanova said.

     While the food can be classified as American, it’s much more than the average restaurant. With large portions, Miami’s Eating House can satisfy and surprise the biggest appetites. For example a proud dish of theirs is the Heirloom tomatoes which cost $14 and Thai fish sauce, peanuts, lime, frozen coconut milk and lime.

Miami’s Eating House’s décor is creative, yet simplistic. Penelope Acevedo/highlights

     Like many other restaurants and businesses across the nation, Miami’s Eating House is taking appropriate COVID-19 measures, ensuring all employees and consumers are staying safe. Protective plastic shields have been installed next to every table, all staff members are required to follow CDC guidelines and disposable menus have been implemented. 

     The restaurant is open from Tuesday through Sunday, from 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. If a customer is unable to visit the restaurant, Miami Eating house provides take-out and delivery through Postmates, Seamless and Grubhub.

     “If I would recommend this to anyone, I would say that Miami’s Eating House is a super cool place to visit,” Amador said. “The food is amazing and the atmosphere is very nice and pleasing. Everyone should go if they have the chance.” 

     Eating House brings authenticity and culinary innovation to the table, blending a unique décor and atmosphere with true gustatory pleasure.