Letter to the Editor: Issue 2

An example of an opinion would be that Quentin Tarantino isn’t a good director, or that apples are better than oranges, or even that Shrek 2 is the best animated film of all time. However, an opinion is not supposed to question the validity of a persons identity. My existence is not a matter of opinion. The existence of any person is not a matter of opinion. I exist, and how I identify is not subject for debate. The article Two Views: Neutral Pronouns discusses “new gender identities” and the “alternative pronouns” that come with them, but it almost mockingly addresses the idea of identifying with pronouns outside of the binary. It’s important to recognize that gender is constructed by society, and several societies recognize many genders. The article also fails to recognize that pronouns and gender identity are defined by every individual for themselves, and does not require permission, or agreement.


Natalie Brenes