An Inside Look at College Life


Maria Estrada

The first year of college is always memorable, no matter where you attend.

Natalia Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Having finished my first semester at the University of Florida, I can definitely say I’m having an amazing experience — and each semester is better than the last! I’ve loved getting to take classes that interest me and meet people with diverse backgrounds and differing passions. So far my favorite part has been the kinds of organizations I am involved in and the friends I’ve made through them.”

— Sabrina Ochoa

My first year of college [at Johns Hopkins University], so far, has been superb. I love the campus and everything about it, not to mention the classes are interesting and sufficiently challenging to keep everyone on their toes. College differs from Gables in one crucial respect: how you organize and prepare for your classes is entirely on you. There’s virtually no ‘busy work’–the only things graded are midterms and finals–so how well one does in a course is dependent almost entirely on exam performance. No extra credit either!”

— Howard Senior

While starting fresh at a new college may seem intimidating at first, it takes no time to adapt to the new environment, and begin to love home away from home! We wish our alumni continuous success throughout their college careers, and hope our seniors have no trouble in beginning their own.