Get to Know the New HIP Board Members


Natalie Abrahantes

HIP’s current board members announced their replacements on Mar. 4, 2021.

Allison Cajina, Features Editor

“Be Smart, Be Healthy, Be HIP!” As freshmen, we all hear this chant during the Health Information Project presentations in our History classes. The Peer Health Educators consist of upperclassmen, with seniors exclusively being on the board. As the class of 2021 prepares to graduate, board positions in the club were up for grabs. Around 13 juniors initially applied, but only five students succeeded. The 2021-2022 HIP board consists of one president and vice president, alongside three secretaries.

President Sarah Vargas

Future President Sarah Vargas has actually never experienced a HIP lesson since she arrived at Gables her sophomore year. She gained interest when students came to teach during her teacher aide class, noticing how the PHE’s taught in a charismatic way created a spark in her. When she found out she could apply the same year, there was no second thought about it.

Vargas applied to the vice presidency, but the board believed presidency was the right fit for her. Her interview process was nerve-wracking to say the least, but ultimately led her to learn more about herself and her fellow board members. When teaching the freshman, Vargas found herself in many difficult situations, from Zoom kicking her out of the meeting to students not being interested in the lesson. Despite these issues, Vargas always found a way to make the most out of her lessons and stepped in whenever she was needed.

Interact and the National Spanish Honor Society are also a big part of Vargas’ school life. She also volunteers at her local church whenever she has free time. As mentioned previously, Vargas did not attend Gables as a freshman, this was due to the fact she had recently arrived in the states by the time she applied to be in the club.

“English isn’t my first language, I had no clue of how things worked, and didn’t think I would get in, but I still applied. I’m so glad I did, at that time I wouldn’t have ever imagined I would be the next president. So I would like to encourage anyone who thinks they’re not ‘good enough’ to be part of something, especially a club or group, just do it! You’ll be surprised by the things you’re capable of doing and achieving,” junior Sarah Vargas said.

Vice President Viviana Gimon

Viviana Gimon took interest in the club as a freshman, as she intended to join in order to receive community service hours while simultaneously teaching lessons to younger students. Because of her introverted nature, Gimon initially applied for secretary, as she was not completely sure if she wanted to take on a big role in the club.

Outside of HIP, Gimon is part of the International Baccalaureate Honor Society, National Honor Society and National Spanish Honor Society. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she also volunteered at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Gimon is excited to work with her fellow board members to create an even better club next year. While the board’s decision completely surprised her, Gimon happily anticipates filling the role of Vice President.

Secretary Arianna Boffill

To secretary Arianna Boffill, HIP meant more than just another item on her resume. Similarly to every new board member, Boffill shares that HIP made her aware of issues that people faced, making her feel as if she was not alone with her problems.

Though she initially ran for the vice presidency, Boffill is thankful for having an opportunity to be a part of the board. She felt the need to be a bigger part of the club because she wanted to give back to the people who helped her find healthy ways to cope with her own difficulties. Despite facing challenges as a Pear Health Educator, Boffill knew she gave the club her all this year. A piece of advice she gives to future PHE’s would be:

“When approaching the students as friends rather than educators, it makes them more interested and actually helps the process go by a lot smoother and quicker,” junior Arianna Boffill said.

Outside of HIP, Boffill is involved in the school’s cheerleading team alongside a few other PHE’s, and when given the chance she also likes to dance outside of school. Boffill is excited to show Gables what the HIP board has in store for them next school year.

I knew I wanted to be part of something that was simply based on helping and educating others. I think this is so important especially nowadays that so many students face mental health issues, and being a part of HIP allows me to educate myself on topics that could help me face my own problems and even offer advice to others,”

— junior Sabrina Dupeiron

Secretary Leo Lopez

Leo Lopez, a junior in the Visual and Performing Arts academy, wanted to join HIP because of the camaraderie that he believed would come with being a PHE, considering that all members joined with the same intent to spread awareness about mental health.

As for the interview process, Lopez found it exciting as he got a chance to personally interact with the current board members whom he looks up to. Even as a freshman, HIP’s models resonated with Lopez as they provided much life advice. His interest and passion for the club and mental health advocacy only grew from there. Lopez hopes that his visions and hard work put towards the club are more than evident next year, he believes his diligent contributions will say everything you need to know about him.

Secretary Sabrina Dupeiron

Junior Sabrina Dupeiron recalls sitting in World History the first time HIP walked into her classroom. She remembers being drawn to the club because they were not afraid or embarrassed to speak about serious topics and were always willing to give advice free of judgment. Dupeiron’s feelings for HIP have changed since freshman year; despite always being interested in the club,she feels as if she has become even more passionate and invested into the club and is absolutely honored to be part of the board this upcoming year.

Dupeiron originally ran for president of the club, but ultimately did not mind receiving any other position as long as she could take on more responsibility. She shares that anxiety ran through her body while being interviewed by the current board members, but realizes it was well worth it in the end. Other extracurriculars Dupeiron participates in include CavsTV and Interact.

Even though this school year presented challenges to the club, which had to adapt to online school, it did not prevent these PHE’s from putting forth their best efforts. If you are a sophomore interested in becoming a part of the Health Information Project, be on the lookout for PHE applications coming later this school year.