Bertha Lowell

Part of the Gablettes team with Bertha Lowell while performing at the Kelsie Karpiak memorial event that took place on Sep. 7, 2019.

Bertha Lowell- The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Bertha Lowell is a Coral Gables Senior High alumna and although she graduated in 1993, the prestige she earned from her years at Gables High brought her the recognition and opportunity to carry great influence and respect for all her hard work. During her time at Gables, Lowell opened doors that seemed sealed shut before her presence. She became a distinguished leader among her peers back then and continues to be one today, lending a helping hand to the Gablettes team wherever it may be needed.

When Lowell attended Gables, she made an impact by taking the prestigious job of being Gablettes Senior Lieutenant —no easy feat. She had only been dancing for two years when she joined the team in her sophomore year, previously dancing at her junior high, Ponce de Leon Middle School. With less experience than most on her team, her dedication and persistence allowed her to improve significantly. The same perseverance guaranteed her a spot as a Miami Arena Football Cheerleader right out of high school and a Heat dancer later on.

While the curtains began to close on her high school years, the spotlight on her dance family never dimmed. Even as a Miami Arena Football Cheerleader and Heat dancer, she always made it a point to teach classes for the Gablettes. As she continued on her road to getting a degree in education, she found herself constantly educating these dancers more than ever. In 1998, she became the director of the Gablettes dance team. 

My goal as director was to leave a personal mark on the program, putting a modern twist on a very traditional program.

— alumna Bertha Lowe

Lowell demonstrated what it was to be a leader to each of her dancers. She influenced all of their lives and made the national title-holding team become more successful than it already was by dedicating all of her time and effort to aiding her dancers with any inconveniences they faced. Lowell believed that by aiding with their personal issues, they were bound to reach their maximum potential, which is all she ever hoped for her dancers.

“Coach Lowell has always been a huge help to our team and I am so thankful for her guidance. It is great to have a connection with a past Gablette and to have her give us tips and ideas on how to enhance our technique,” sophomore Paulina Texier said.

Even after her resignation as director in 2005, her empowering belief in financial justice for each of the dancers never faltered. She made it a point to constantly donate to the school to help fundraise for a new and much-needed light and technology system for the dancers to perform with. She sponsors the Gablettes directly, and even pays coverage for specific students who need extra financial aid. She continues to purchase uniforms for the dancers and funds the floors in the renovated dance room. Lowell is very passionate about financially supporting young dancers, especially after growing up in the dance world and realizing how expensive everything is. In many instances, dancers are not given the chance to reach their full potential simply because they can not afford the costs that come with aspects like costuming, competitions and conventions. Lowell works to guarantee that this will never be the case for any of her dancers.

“Bertha Lowell always goes the extra mile when it comes to these dancers. She is very passionate about helping them and even hosts bonding parties at her house for the dancers. She travels with the dancers every year when they compete nationally, ensuring that her guidance will always be available,” student activities Ms. Suarez said.

Lowell realized that her resignation from the director position was something she could never prepare for, so she made it her mission to never leave the team. To this day, she acts as a coach for the Gablettes, coming in at least once a week to help them train and stay in a positive mindset. She is always present at any event they host or perform at. Bertha Lowell has contributed greatly to the Gablettes and inspired them to be as outstanding as they are today.

“Mrs. Lowell has made such an impact on the Gablettes due to her commitment and love for the team. With her discipline, knowledge, and experience on kick technique she steps up our kick dance routines. We all love Mrs. Lowell and appreciate everything that she has done for every single one of us,” senior Isabel Quintanilla said.

The Gablettes would be a completely different team and environment if it were not for Lowell’s undeniable dedication and passion. Coral Gables Senior High is grateful for all the positive and impactful work she has done. Lowell has shown just how much she holds Gables close to her heart and the Cavalier community can never fully repay her for everything she has done. Thank you, Bertha Lowell.

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