Pro Chat: Zoologist Ron Magill


Bhargavi Pochi

Zoologist, Ron Magill came to Gables to speak about his career in Zoology, and his adventures in travelling.

Bhargavi Pochi, Opinion Editor

On Jan. 13, world renowned zoologist Ron Magill came to Gables as a guest speaker for a pro chat. Mr. Magill spoke to students about his career at Zoo Miami and his experiences with wildlife. Ron Magill has accomplished numerous feats like creating the largest Harpy Eagle center in the world in Panama City and he has also gone on several trips across the world, and recently came back from his 50th trip to Africa!

“Being part of a pro chat and speaking to the kids here at gables is probably one of the best things I can do, and most rewarding things I can do. Why? Because I’m trying to get this generation inspired. This generation is a lot smarter, a lot more passionate…so speaking to them [students of gables] is great…I’m very confident that the future generation is going to do some great things,” Magill said.

With the help of stories about his adventures, Mr. Magill emphasized the importance of following your passion, and writing a professional letter. He described how pursuing his love for animals and conservation has led him to become so successful in life.

“The Pro Chat was super interesting, and Ron Magill was a great speaker. It was entertaining and informative at the same time… I learned a lot from his speech, and the fact that any average guy or girl can make a huge impact on the world if they really wanted to, is really inspirational,” freshman Ambar Calle said.

Ron Magill came to Gables to speak about his career, but he ultimately left a memorable imprint in our Cavalier family.