Mrs. Morrow: Teaching for a Better Tomorrow

Mrs. Morrow, gables chorus teacher has now taken over teaching our band after Mr. Muncy’s resignation.

Mrs. Morrow, middle, with the gables chorus group at a symphonettes recital

Betty Alvarez

Mrs. Morrow, middle, with the gables chorus group at a “symphonettes recital”

Kelly Hanley, Staff Writer

Mrs. Mary G. Morrow has been a teacher at Coral Gables Senior High for seven years. Mr. Muncy, who had originally been in charge of band, resigned after the 2013-2014 school year ended, so Gables needed somebody to take over.

Mrs. Morrow graduated from Bethel University and has taught chorus for seven years. Now, she has taken over band at Gables and has brought her daughter in to teach it part time. At first, Morrow was apprehensive and doubtful that the situation would work out. But now she feels well-adjusted to the change. She sees her daughter and herself as a team, due to how synchronized they are with their teaching. They make their teaching plans based off of each others’ schedules.

Mrs. Morrow likes teaching chorus, and now band, because she feels like she shares a significant relationship with her students. She also enjoys that her students usually get to spend more time with her than in other electives; she said that chorus and band students tend to stay in that same elective for three to four years, rather than other students, who generally only take an elective once.

“I love teaching these classes because I love to see a light go on with the students after they sing in the right key, or play an amazing movement. And I think that my partnership with my daughter, and the change with me taking over band and teaching chorus, is really great and I’m really excited,” Mrs. Morrow said.

Mrs. Morrow thinks that this school year will go really well and sees her new role as a “win-win” situation for Gables.