Piano Passion: Senior David Gonzalez Takes on Music


Diego Gomez

Before his performance at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Gonzalez spent hours practicing both at school and in the Gables band room.

Diego Gómez Bello, Staff Writer

The path to becoming a learned musician can be long and difficult, yet senior David Gonzalez has taken the journey on his own and accomplished more than he ever imagined. Training diligently to fulfill his dream of being a professional pianist, the Cavalier’s goal first began in high school when he discovered his niche.

Gonzalez has been playing piano for three years, dedicating anywhere between two to eight hours a day to practicing. Holding a long-time appreciation for music, specifically classical music, it was no surprise when he took up the instrument.

Starting off by watching videos on YouTube and playing on an old upright piano, Gonzalez soon decided he needed a teacher to show real signs of improvement. He found the Trujillo Academy of Music, which helped him learn to sight-read proficiently and play with proper technique over the past three years. Seeing how seriously Gonzalez was taking his musical education, his parents surprised him with a baby grand piano in his junior year.

Recitals are usually a common activity for seasoned pianists, and Gonzalez is no stranger to them, having performed multiple times in front of judges and audiences of friends, family and strangers alike. Despite this, Gonzalez admits that the time leading up to the performance can be nerve-wracking.

Piano is special to me since it’s been the best way of expressing myself and my feelings and hopefully sharing it with other people who are interested in classical music. The piano kind of became my voice and the more I play and practice, the better I’ll be able to express how I feel which is why I put so many hours into it,”

— senior David Gonzalez

On Jan. 23, he performed an hour-long repertoire at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. The senior played a variety of music he has studied over the years, from Beethoven to Chopin to Gershwin, and he spent weeks touching up the pieces before he set foot on stage.

“I had to speak about each piece too and I’d say that was what I was most nervous about since I’ve never really done public speaking. Once I started speaking and taking control of my environment was when I became focused and all my nervousness left me… this was the best performance by far since my nervousness didn’t throw off my playing at all,” senior David Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez has come a long way on his piano journey, from learning simple chords to playing well-known, high-level pieces. Although hours of practice have improved his skill and allowed him to work on controlling his nerves, Gonzalez still acknowledges that he is not perfect. Even with all he is already capable of, the pianist strives to continue growing as he sees no bounds in the world of music.

“As a pianist myself I understand the hard work that it takes to get to where David is and where he wants to get to. He is constantly practicing and working to become a better pianist which is really cool and inspiring,” senior Nicolas Beltran said.

Taking his passion to another level, Gonzalez is looking to get his bachelor’s degree in Music Performance and eventually teach others about the complexities of music. Aspiring to eventually become an artist in residence, the pianist hopes to play at recitals and concertos with top orchestras around the world one day.

Working his way up to his current level of proficiency, Gonzalez has taken what was first an ambition and turned it into a possible lifelong career. His passion for the piano allows him to share what he loves with others and create a new world of meaning which comes with learning the language of music.