Sabrina Bonavita: Future Wildcat, Forever Cavalier


Courtesy of Sabrina Bonavita

Sabrina Bonavita is happier than ever now that she has been awarded a Posse Scholarship, all thanks to her hard work and dedication.

Camila Ruiz, Staff Writer

“What is something you didn’t say in the interview that we should know about you?” Taking a deep breath, senior Sabrina Bonavita paused before answering the question that would grant her a full-tuition Posse Scholarship to her dream school, Davidson College.

Though fruitful, the road to attaining the Posse Scholarship was not an easy one. Bonavita underwent three interviews, each centered on problem-solving and vulnerability. In the first named Dynamic Assessment Process one, Bonavita discussed controversial topics with potential scholars. Meanwhile, a Posse representative lingered in the background of the Zoom call observing how Bonavita interacted with her peers and her capabilities of respecting the opinions of others. Bonavita felt confident she would pass to DAP two with flying colors, and so she did.

As conversation began in a more intimate one-on-one meeting with a Posse representative in DAP two, Bonavita’s nerves were quickly replaced by a surge of faith in herself. The welcoming and encouraging environment of the interview gave Bonavita the strength to answer each question without hesitation.

“The Posse Scholarship is an unequivocal opportunity that allows people like Sabrina to shine. Through her positive mindset, unparalleled willingness to provide a helping hand to those in need and determination for success, she well deserves the scholarship,” senior Gregoire Winston said.

Sabrina is one of those students that makes school a better place, she deserves an opportunity like the Posse Scholarship. She’s going to help them just as much as they’re helping her,”

— Psychology Teacher Mr. Nelson

The waiting period before the DAP three announcement gave Bonavita the chance to fall in love with Davidson and its values. She reminded herself that staying true to who she was would lead her where she was meant to be.

Right at the finish line, Bonavita felt as though she could reach out and grab the scholarship. DAP three began with an ice-breaker activity, a scavenger hunt that required Bonavita and the other 19 students to work together. Then, they continued to work together and build a city. This was all a test to scope out their collaborative skills. Although the final interview happened to be the only one in-person, with the support of friends undergoing the same process, she persevered.

“I was lucky because there were six other people at our school who were also going into the final interview. We were all supporting one another and filled each other in on the process. When I walked in everybody was really nervous and it was something we bonded over,” senior Sabrina Bonavita said.

The key to Bonavita’s accomplishment lies in her capability to adapt to her environment while keeping her morals at the forefront of her mind. Though she did not know that question would be the catalyst for such an important part of her future, Bonavita is glad to have answered it by being unapologetically herself.