Cheering Cavaliers: What Comes Next for Gables Cheerleaders?


Mrs. Aridas

Senior cheerleaders donned tiaras and sashes at their final football game.

Abigail Colodner, Staff Writer

Full of school spirit, the Coral Gables Senior High cheer team is a staple at every school-related event or football game. After numerous events such as cheering on the football team, the Hall of Fame ceremony and the pep rally, what will the cheerleaders be participating in next?

On Nov. 5, the cheerleaders performed at the annual Hall of Fame ceremony, in which accomplished Gables alumni are inducted for their contributions to the community. After being cancelled last year due to COVID-19, Cavaliers eagerly filled the auditorium seats to watch performances by the Gablettes and the cheerleaders and listen to the inspiring speeches of this year’s inductees. This was the first time that the cheer team was able to show off all their hard work in school in over a year.

That same night, the cheer team attended the last football game of the season, in which the senior cheerleaders were showcased and received send-off gifts from their other teammates. All ten seniors, including captains Ingrid Moises and Kylie Alvarez, were given a tiara and sash to wear for the duration of the game. Their names were announced at the beginning of the match, and the tearful yet overjoyed seniors took many pictures to commemorate the night.

Co-Captains Kylie Alvarez and Ingrid Moises, along with senior Abigail Colodner celebrate their senior night after the football game. (Abigail Colodner)

“I’ve been a cheerleader for four years and I’m really sad that my last football season is over. As co-captain, I put in a lot of hard work to make sure we are always at our best and the seniors really made me proud at our last football game. I can’t wait for our next performance,” senior Kylie Alvarez said.

This game also saw the biggest student section this year as Cavaliers filled the stands rooting for their friends on the field. The cheerleaders led the fans in booming choruses of “Let’s Go Gables!”

The following week, Gables held its first pep rally of the 2021-2022 school year as a send-off for the fall sports and a welcome for winter sports. The cheerleaders attended and performed two dances and one routine in front of a crowd full of Cavaliers fully decked-out in red. They also supported the Gablettes as the dance team performed and got the crowd pumped up for the pep rally activities.

“We worked really hard to practice for this pep rally and I’m so satisfied with the results. I was kind of nervous to perform in front of so many people but the support of my friends helped me through it. Hopefully this is just the first pep rally of many,” junior Mariam Galdo said.

The change of seasons brings in a change of focus for the cheer team as they begin to cheer for basketball. The cheerleaders will attend every home game for the Gables basketball team and help rally the crowd.

After an eventful two weeks, the cheer team begins to prepare for another sport by learning new cheers which will be performed sitting down on the bleachers and practicing stunts for half time. The first basketball home game is on Dec. 2 against Miami High School, and all students are encouraged to attend and show support.