Thais Forbes Golfs Her Way Through Gables


Anthony Abrahantes

Senior Thais Forbes has characterized her time at Gables by being a part of the girls golf team.

Jacqueline Rodero, Staff Writer

Offering over 20 different kinds of sports, Coral Gables Senior High has given students the opportunity to find their niche early on and define their high school experience through athletics. For senior Thais Forbes, her time spent on the girls’ golf team has become one of the principal ways she will remember her alma mater.

Forbes first began playing golf at the age of 8 with the sport initially being a bonding activity between her and her father. Since then, the golf clubs and green courses have grown into a way Forbes manages the stress and anxiety that come alongside the academic pressures of school.

Besides being a stress-reliever, golf has given Forbes the ability to socialize with other people and make new friends outside of those in her classes. Practicing after school with students who share the same passion for golf as she does has become one of the major reasons Forbes has dedicated so much time to the team and insisted on playing golf throughout her entire high school experience.

“Sports inspire me to do good as it helps me be a balanced person. Golf helps me focus on my academic work as all my stress I release as I practice shooting which in return helps my overall health,” senior Thais Forbes said.

Forbes making an albatross in one of her favorite courses located in Orlando, Fla. (courtesy of Thais Forbes)

For Forbes, the adrenaline rush she gets from competing with other schools is partly what keeps her motivated. During the game, if nerves begin to take over, she takes three breaths before each shot and encourages herself throughout the competition. At the end of every game, she reflects on her performance by evaluating which techniques and strategies worked best for her.

Golf has allowed Forbes to see that there is always room for improvement. Although she started playing for recreation, playing competitively and taking in golf as a hobby has given her the opportunity to grow as an athlete.

“Personally, golf has helped me in so many ways, including managing my anxiety. So I definitely won’t leave a sport that has brought so many lovely and exciting memories of playing both at Gables and on my own time just because of college. In fact, golf will probably be one of the main activities I will be focusing on, while studying for my career,” senior Thais Forbes said.

This golf season, Forbes has displayed her skill by excelling at various school and community tournaments. At the Youth Fair Golf Tournament at the Country Club of Miami Golf Course, Forbes shot a 74 on 18 holes and finished in fifth place overall.

Forbes takes pride in winning first place at games with her team, but what she values most is being able to help those who are struggling in golf and teaching them skills and tricks that will help them improve.

For incoming players, the senior stresses that it is important to “enjoy and appreciate the moment.” Although athletes may feel the need to strive for perfection, their main goal should always remain playing for their own happiness.

“Thais inspires other students here at Gables because of her outstanding personality and hunger to improve. Cavaliers should look up to her and follow her steps because she does not let excuses throw her out of her game, she has very clear goals and is achieving to the best ability possible,” junior Sofia Pabon said.

Because the 2021-2022 school year will be her last spent at Gables, Forbes plans on making the most of the golf season. Playing for the girls’ team has fostered memories of winning tournaments alongside her teammates and father and has ultimately given Forbes a life-long hobby she hopes to continue practicing.