Gablettes Take On Competitions Online


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Aside from practicing for their competitions, the Gablettes also are involved in team activities, such as a pilates class on weekends and free time.

Ingrid Moises, Staff Writer

With a season that lasts all year round, the Gablettes are hard at work every day to accomplish their goals in their annual dance competitions. Due to overcrowding at these events, the only way for Varsity–the company that hosts the competitions–to hold them while following COVID-19 guidelines was to do them virtually. These online competitions are much safer for all the dancers, but have never been done before. Each dance team has to upload their routines to Varsity TV, where judges score every performance accordingly. Results are then emailed to the coaches, just like a regular competition. All of the teams that are awarded are able to watch recordings for free on Varsity TV. The Gablettes will be attending both in-person and virtual competitions this year.

The Gablettes have been practicing their routines since the beginning of the season. They compete in the Universal Dance Association and National Dance Alliance annually. Since both of these competitions are hosted by Varsity, the processes are usually the same and competitions have the same procedures. This year, however, UDA will occur virtually, and NDA will occur in person. For UDA, which is the regional competition, the Gablettes will be submitting their videos in early February. For Nationals, the Gablettes will travel to Orlando to perform their routines like any other year.

Since UDA is a submitted video, they have to record various tries to get it perfect before they turn it into the judges. This is definitely very different from any competition dancers usually attend. Dancers are trained to make their one shot on the stage more perfect than any other, but this chance at UDA gives them the opportunity to make even more improvements before they are judged for their performance.

“I think that it was a good idea to do virtual competitions so it is not as hectic as it would be in person, but I know it will not be as easy because no one has ever really done that before,” junior Paulina Texier said.

All dance teams that are participating in Varsity competitions had to sign up on for the virtual competitions and to receive information on competition regulations. (Varsity)

Normally, a Gablette week consists of five to six hours of practice everyday, but has now been limited to three to six hours every weekday. This drastic change in schedule has not influenced the work ethic or dynamic of the team. They are still able to practice and correct their mistakes with more than enough time before competitions, and be ready to challenge other teams. They will be competing in Varsity Kick, JV Kick, Varsity Jazz for UDA and competing for NDA.

“The experience as a dancer is nowhere near the same as it would be in person. Not on an individual level, or on the team level. However, my expectations for the virtual competition is still to work together no matter what and have all the hard work pay off,” junior Sarya Dany said.

Although many sports have been affected by COVID-19, it is clear Cavaliers have the spirit to come back on top. The expectations are just as high as any other year, and the Gablettes hope to exceed all of them.