Are You a Kook or a Pogue?


Stephanie Andrade

The main character of Outer Banks, John B., usually refers to his friends as Pogues. However, he calls rich people Kooks.

Stephanie Andrade , Staff writer

Outer Banks is a new teen drama television series created by Netflix. The show takes place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The audience goes on an unforgettable adventure on an island with the main character, John B. The biggest rivalry on the show is between the different social classes present on the island. So, do you live in the cut with John B, Pope, Kie, and JJ, or do you party in Figure 8 with Sarah, Topper, and Rafe? Take the quiz down below to see if you are a Kook or a Pogue.

Are you a Kook or a Pogue?

You’ve grown up surrounded by caring people, who will do anything and everything for you. You value and enjoy everything that life has to offer. You always dress nice and express yourself through it because the way you present yourself to others is important.