It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right: Gables’ Dynamic Duo


Amanda Perez

Mrs. Camacho and Mrs. D’Alemberte work hand in hand to bring school spirit throughout the school year.

Amanda Perez, Staff Writer

At Gables, many activities and events are coordinated by the staff to help bring school spirit to our student body, all of which wish to commemorate those who continuously work hard to accomplish the best results possible in their academics. Through dances, ceremonies, and in-school gatherings, students who seek to become more involved with what is happening around campus are given the opportunity to connect with their classmates and teachers.

Some events take months of preparation to ensure the best outcome. Although students and teachers lend a helping hand, none of this would be possible without the creative minds and work of Gables’ signature dynamic duo, Alysia S D’Alemberte and Yvette Camacho. Together, they put in a vast amount of effort to make the students’ high school experience one of their bests.

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They are both very hardworking teachers. It is comforting to know how much interest and effort they put into the school to make it great experiences possible for the students”

— sophomore Emma Garcia

Although there is a great amount of construction going on around campus, Camacho and D’Alemberte make sure that every student feels welcomed and excited about what the school has to offer; they both see Gables as their second home and enjoy working with such amazing colleagues. Another similarity our dynamic duo has is that they enjoy seeing their students flourish in their academics. Because of this, they both try to make their classrooms a welcoming environment for anyone who walks in their classroom door. 

“Students and faculty should have pride in Gables. High school should be a special time for teenagers, a time when they develop a passion for learning and make lifetime memories. Not only the academics, but all the clubs, sports and services are what makes Gables a special place,” Mrs. D’Alemberte said.

Camacho teaches 10th-grade reading, Reading Retake, and our Speech and Debate class. While a proud graduate from Coral Park High School, Camacho holds a love for teaching and Gables.

Aside from academic teaching, Camacho has been the sponsor for Key Club, one of our community service-centered clubs, for over two years. Looking back at how far she has come and all that she has learned since taking on the position, Camacho truly feels she has enjoyed every moment of it.

 Camacho’s partner, Mrs. D’Alemberte, proudly works in our Special Education (SPED) Department. When on campus, she spends a significant amount of her time teaching and helping her students. Both D’Alemberte and Camacho work together to sponsor Best Buddies, one of our most inclusive clubs on campus that serves to foster friendships between the special needs community and the non-special needs community at Gables, and they have been doing so for 14 years. In fact, it is actually where their friendship truly flourished.

Together, they help direct the Best Buddies board members to provide one-on-one friendships with students in the SPED department and others in the student body and strive to create a space where everyone feels accepted and included as themselves. When the events and the planning become a toll on their schedules and time, they like to recall why they do all of this in the first place; both strongly believe everyone deserves a friend.

“When you graduate and look back twenty years to your high school years as I do, you will love remembering the pep rallies, homecomings, proms and activities we had that unified us as a team. Those are the memories that last forever,” Mrs. Camacho said.

In addition to their academic responsibilities and sponsor duties for their individual and co-joined clubs, our dynamic duo also works diligently to decorate the teacher’s lounge monthly. They decided to take on this project to remind staff members how much Gables appreciates their hard-working effort to make the school the best it can be. They also offer their creative ideas and help to any of the school’s clubs if,and when, needed. So far, the two have helped in preparing prom and homecoming, and they are currently working with the senior class board to plan events and treat days.

The Dynamic Duo enjoys showing off how great it is to love and take pride in your high school. D’Alemberte feels even more motivated to work harder when she sees all her students doing well and, over the years, it has opened her eyes to see how it is worth all the extra hours of effort if the students have a great time, while Camacho mainly hopes that,through an honest and unified teacher front, students will learn what it is like to be a unified team and have school spirit. It is undeniable that the efforts of these two remarkable teachers have gone unnoticed, and the fruits of their work are visible on a daily basis.