Packing for Grad Bash!

Guiliana Garces, Staff Writer

It is incredibly exciting, as a senior, to go on a road trip with the friends you have been with for your four years of high school. You have built special bonds with these people, and Grad Bash is an amazing opportunity to create even more memories with them. Packing for grad bash is probably the most important factor when preparing for the trip. Follow this guide for packing essentials!

Personal Items

Because Grad Bash is a two-night trip, toiletries are a must-have! The best way to pack all of your personal items without leaving anything behind is to make a checklist. A few days before you begin to pack, start thinking about the personal items that you use on a daily basis. This may include a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, hairbrush, chap stick or deodorant. Then, think about personal items you might not use on a daily basis but you may need in case of an emergency, like hand sanitizer.


A great tip for planning your outfits is to take staple pieces that you can reuse like a plain white t-shirt or jeans. Even though these are simple items, they can be worn more than once with different accessories to create an entirely different outfit. Because Grad Bash consists of going to amusement parks, it is important to pack extra outfits for water rides and to not forget your socks! When packing your clothing items in your luggage, you can try out the folding method below to fit more clothes.

“I always forget my socks for any trip that I go to and it’s not fun. I also always forget belts. Do not let your forgetful mind ruin your trip,” said junior Mindy Miranda.


The bus ride can feel like an eternity. Although some people choose to doze off for most of the ride, you should make the most of the time that you are awake. Bring fun games to play with your friends like cards or charades. You can also bring a book to read if you prefer to keep to yourself and definitely pack some earphones to listen to music or watch a movie on the way. You may also want to read or watch an episode of your favorite TV show before going to sleep in your hotel room.

Pullquote Photo

Cards against humanity is a super fun game that you can play with your roommates or on the bus ride! It makes the time fly!”

— senior Elizabeth Duran

Book Bags

You are not going to want to be carrying around all of your belongings in your hands as you walk through Islands of Adventure. So, do not forget to bring some kind of book bag or fanny pack to keep everything secure. You can pack your extra outfit, money and snacks in your bag. Pro-tip: if you have a life proof case for your phone, take advantage of that so you do not have to worry about your phone getting wet on rides!

Make sure to make a checklist of everything you are planning to pack so that you do not forget anything. Take into consideration any medication or extra items essential for unique cases (like allergies or contact lenses). We hope that everyone attending Grad Bash has fun and makes the most of their final class trip!