Fashion 101: Water Signs Edition


Yeileny Lopez

Have you ever wondered how you should dress based on your zodiac sign? Well look no further; here are some easy tips to make your wardrobe look great!

Yeileny Lopez , Student Life Editor

Whether you are a feisty Scorpio, a dreamy Pisces or a sensitive Cancer, your water sign is notorious for being over-the-top dramatic and emotional. Although this can seem like a bad thing for other signs, being in touch with your truest emotions actually helps you with other aspects in life; your sensitive side aides you when forming strong bonds with others. In fact, when thinking about changing your look, applying some of those great, unique qualities of your zodiac sign can be helpful!

Advice for the Feisty Scorpio: 

Because you are known as the fixed water sign, you tend to be willful towards many aspects in life, but especially your opinions and emotions. That being said, Scorpios struggle to be vulnerable with others, and this can be noticed when trying new styles of clothes. At first, you may be hesitant to change your look as you value the opinions of others, but do not be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. Instead, use your bold personality to explore some new outfits that may give that extra spunk you have been looking for!

“I feel like I stick to things because I like to prove a point to myself. When I find something that I like, it doesn’t necessarily have to relate back to fashion, I stick to it for as long as possible because deep down I think I’m scared of not feeling comfortable wearing something new,” senior Alejandra Rivera said.

Advice for the Dreamy Pisces:

Pisces, you are often considered free-spirited while letting your intuition guide you. When it comes to fashion, your passionate character should shine through all you wear! Steer away from professional attire as it hinders your laid-back nature. If you have not incorporated bohemian pieces into your wardrobe previously, then attempt to do so as your inner Pisces will thank you!

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When I am thinking about what I want to wear, I tend to stick with two main factors: easy and comfortable. I do not worry about matching or patterns, because I do not have to — as an Aries on a Pisces cusp, I know that I get to choose to wear whatever I want and I can own it.”

— junior Alexander Sutton

Advice for the Sensitive Cancer:

Commonly described as a creature of habit, you tend to hold onto clothes that symbolize memories and by doing so you are limiting your fashion choices! In the future,  make sure that your clothing items have more to offer to you than just good memories; in fact, practicing the “Does it bring me joy?”  method can ensure that you are actually keeping clothes that are in good condition.  That being said, if you have something that is extremely special to you, keep it in a memory box instead of letting it take up space in your closet.

“I have a lot of shirts that my family from Nicaragua sends to me, and I think they are special because my family doesn’t have a lot of money over there and the fact that they save up money just to send a shirt represents how selfless they are and that makes me proud to wear something that reminds me of them,” senior Dayanesi Martinez said.

If you already have a wardrobe that you feel comfortable and happy wearing, then stick to it! Despite these suggestions being made based on your Sun sign, there’s no “right” way that anyone should dress. Fashion is all about wearing clothes that express your individuality, and you should not feel pressured to dress a certain way.

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