Catching a Cav with Character: Communicator

A closer look at our student body.


Ms. Driver

This month’s Cavs with Character.

Emily Simon, Features & Student Life Editor

The idea of a model student extends beyond the classroom. While academics provide the foundation on which a student can succeed, admirable qualities truly allow one to stand out. This month’s Cavs with Character have been recognized for their abilities as communicators. Using expression to articulate important ideas, these four students truly deserve to be recognized as Cavs with Character.

Grade 9: Tao Wang

Ms. Driver
Tao Wang holds up his certificate.

Wang is hardworking and is always ready to accept a challenge. Immigrating to the United States only a year ago, he has excelled in the English as a Second Language (ESOL) program. Currently enrolled in Spanish 2 in the Pre-IB program, Wang is one of the best students in his class and continues to exceed the expectations of his teachers daily. His discipline and efforts have allowed him to suceed in all that he does and will continue to shine in coming years.

Grade 10: Cristina Kairalla

Ms. Driver
Ms. Lezcano stands with Cristina Kairalla.

Kairalla is an assertive and intelligent sophomore with maturity beyond her years. Communicating in a calm and poised manner allows her to make an impression with many saying she is eloquent and direct. A well-rounded student, Kairalla will do great things in school and out.

“I am happy that I earned [the Communicator award] but I was very surprised and had no idea I was going to get it,” Kairalla said.

Grade 11: Amanda Ramos

MS. Driver
Ms. De Paola stands with Amanda Ramos.

A true communicator, Ramos is always willing to stand up for her beliefs. While always saying what is on her mind, Ramos is able to facilitate communication in a school environment. She is a principled junior and when she sees something wrong, she is always willing to point out why and make it right. Most important, however, is her ability to express herself without any fear.

Grade 12: Orestes Garcia

Ms. Driver
Orestes Garcia graciously accepting his award.

Immigrating to the United States only 20 months ago, Garcia is the true face of dedication. Working diligently to learn english, he excels in both his ESOL and Advanced Placement classes. Whatever the task at hand may be, he is always willing to lend a helping hand no matter what he may have going on. A Spanish writer for Cavsconnect, he is a natural leader whose abilities to relate and communicate to his peers are unparalleled. His most admirable characteristic is his appreciation for his newfound home as it gave him the opportunity to pursue his goals.

Expression and communication are characteristics that make these students special. Their talents and diligence will continue to be useful as they strive towards excellence.