Senior Checklist


Ximena Puig

Wearing their crowns, seniors pose in front of the Ralph Moore Building.

Brianna Valdes, Staff Writer

As graduation day approaches, seniors must take the time to prepare themselves for change, especially those who are going off to college. There are certain things every senior should do before graduating high school, because after graduation everything may change in the blink of an eye.

1. Every senior should take the time and thank all their teachers, even the ones that were hard on you all year. Even though some teachers have made you stay up all night studying or given you mountains of homework, each and every one of them wants to see their students succeed in the future.

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I am very excited for graduation but I’m really going to miss most of my teachers. I’m making it a point to thank them for pushing me throughout my final school year at Gables.”

— senior Ari Alcalay said.

2. Appreciate your parents and show them gratitude, especially if they do your laundry, cook and clean for you. This one is especially for those leaving home for college, because you probably won’t drive back home anytime soon. Showing your parents or guardians appreciation for what they do for you on a daily basis will mean more to them than you think.

3. Don’t leave any loose ends; High school can be a rollercoaster of emotions, some relationships may be made and some ended, but don’t go into the next phase of your life with any negativity behind you. Any problems with others, big or small, should be mended only for the closure and to prepare yourself for a new beginning

4. HAVE FUN! Seniors shouldn’t look back and say their last year of high school was boring. Attend all social events and make the year count. Senior year should be one of the best years of high school, and every senior should enjoy the last few bittersweet weeks before graduation.

“I have many senior friends that I know I’m going to miss, since most of them are going out of state. I hope they enjoyed their college experience and especially enjoyed being my friend. I hope I enjoy my senior year as much as I saw them enjoy theirs,” junior Allinson Funes said.

Overall, seniors should enjoy the time they have and not slack off the final weeks of high school. Make it count, and be happy that change is right around the corner!