Chris Caceres: 2016-17’s Gablette Boy

Yeileny Lopez, Staff Writer

Gables dance team, The Gablettes, officially welcomes Chris Caceres as their fourth male dancer. Caceres is a freshman at Gables and is a part of the Visual Performing Arts (VPA) academy. For Caceres, it is a huge pleasure to be a part of the Gablette team because only a handful of male dancers have been a part of it. He is still learning how to balance his school life, social life and all of the responsibilities that come along with being a Gablette. Caceres is looking forward to a great first year of high school and being a member of the team.

Caceres has been dancing for about seven months, but he has never gone to a studio – he just had a normal dance class in middle school for six months and then decided to try out for Gablettes. At first, Caeceres felt a little bit insecure about going into the team with only seven months of experience because he didn’t know much compared to his other teammates. He feels that he has improved his dancing techniques through the help of his coach and teammates. Caceres now feels confident in what he knows and is looking forward to learning and growing as a dancer alongside his new team.

Caceres believes that the role he plays for the team as the only male is something really special to him. Although it is often awkward being the only male, his teammates never fail to create an inclusive environment; they make sure that he feels like a part of the team. What inspired Caceres to become a dancer was dancing TV shows he would watch while growing up. Caceres would always try to dance along with the contestants; he wanted to be like them one day.  Chris is absolutely looking forward to having a major in dance. He would like to attend the University of Miami, but isn’t quite sure what the future holds. Chris is proud of himself for graduating from eighth grade with no C’s or more than two B’s in each semester.

At first, his experience with high school was a bit hectic for the first few days since, since he wasn’t familiar with the school; now, he loves it. Caceres has found time management to be something crucial in order to succeed. He has found doing homework right after practice to be the best strategy to  balance school and dance. Caceres has set a record in Gablette history and is looking forward to leaving his mark on the dance team.