De-stress for the Test


Camilo Bacca

Meditation is another way that many students find relief from stress.

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

The beginning of spring marks the start of testing season and for high school students this means late-night cramming and  coffee binges. From one day to the next, school becomes a never ending cycle of extra homework and frustrated teachers, as the whole school prepares for the endless test that is to come. But do not despair! Here are some simple tips on how to de-stress for your tests.

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I try to take breaks while studying. Sometimes going in all at once with all the books and notes can be overwhelming and instead of actually studying you fixate on the fact that it’s so much material. So I take little breaks like, 30 mins studying and 10 mins for a break that way I catch a breather and it’s not as bad ”

— junior Salma Santos

Tip #1: Pick up a hobby The easiest way to de-stress is to find a distraction. Be aware that this does not mean forget about your exam entirely, but to find a momentary distraction from what’s causing your stress. So read a book, watch a movie, exercise, do whatever you enjoy, just remember to hit the books once you’re done!

Tip #2: Socialize Hanging out with friends can make all the difference. It’s important to remember to have fun every once in a while, especially during testing session. Sometimes students get so focused on school that the stress becomes unbearable. So, plan an outing with your friends and show stress who’s boss!

Tip #3: Vent! Venting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of stress. When so many things are happening all at once, like it happens during testing season, it’s super easy to get overwhelmed. When this happens, the fastest way to de-stress is to talk about it. So find a friend, family member, or whoever and just vent!

Tip #4: Laugh Laughter is proven to get rid of tension and the best way to deal with a stressful situation is with a clear mind. So call up your hilarious friend or rent a funny movie and feel your stress wash away with each laugh.

Stress is common amongst students, especially during testing season. It’s important to keep in kind that there is no real reason to stress out about exams, since you’ve been preparing for them all year!