New Faces at Gables

Jake Paz, Opinion Editor

Not only are there a lot of new students attending Gables this year, but many new teachers too! Since there are so many new teachers joining the Cavalier family this year, we got to know a little more about some of them. What better way to learn more about your new teachers than by seeing how they respond to some random questions. Enjoy!


Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you bring?

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My three items would have to be a thick blanket, a solar powered, pre-loaded iPod with built in speakers and a salt water to fresh water converter.

— Mr. Hernandez

Q: Describe your perfect vacation. 

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I would love to go back to Peru to visit family and hike through the Inca trail up Machu Picchu. I would love to see the sunrise there.

— Ms. Montes

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you have ever seen?

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I would have to say that the strangest thing I have ever seen is something that we can see almost every day. The fact that the Moon has always faced the same way since the dawn of history, and even before, is quite strange and also magical to me.

— Mr. Reich

Q: What’s number one on your bucket list?

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I guess one thing I would really like to experience is to be at the national championship game with my close friends and siblings watching UM win the college football national championship.

— Mr. Couzo

Q: Which historical event would you like to witness if you could travel back in time?

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I would like to see the signing of the Magna Carta because that was the first time in our western civilization’s history when the ruling authority had to recognize that the common man had rights. I would also go and see Antoine Lavoisier, the father of chemistry, go into his lab and see what he experimented on.

— Mr. Bosch

Q: Which emoji best describes your personality?

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I wouldn’t call myself an expert in emojis but I would say the smiley one because I’m a very happy person.

— Ms. Sanchez

Not quoted here are new Cavalier faculty members Ms. Leiva, Mr. Martinez, Mr. Welsh and Ms. Ansaldi. Don’t forget to welcome these new faculty members!