Putting College on Hold

Mariam Ahumada


Susana Rudin

Senior Susana Rudin has decided to take a a gap year and enroll in a German program before beginning college.

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

After 12 years of school, graduating IB senior Susana Rudin has decided its finally time for a break. After graduation, Rudin has decided to take a gap year and travel to Germany, in hope that she will grow from the experience.

Q: What are your plans for the gap year?

A: During my gap year I will first spend two months in northern Germany at an intensive language school, and then for the remaining ten months I’m going to work at an internship in the lower west of Germany.

Q: Do you have any plans for after your gap year?

A: After my gap year I will be going to George Washington University. I committed and differed for the year so I could do my gap year and then come back.

Q: What made you consider taking a gap year? 

A: I think my love for traveling and my want to know another language, and have an invaluable set of skills.

Q: Why made you decide to travel in your gap year?

A: I think that it would have been kind of a waste to have stayed here when I could be doing something, an experience that would give me language as well as new opportunities and independence.

Q: Is anybody joining you on your gap year?

A: Theres 25 other kids from the United States doing it since its the U.S. Congress Exchange, but I don’t know any of them.

Q: What do you expect to gain from your gap year? 

A: I hope to gain independence, how to live alone and everything. Also language skills and a strong work ethic with my internship.

Q: Would you like to say something to motivate others to do the same?

A: Everyone do gap years. Gap years are good. You learn a lot.