New Girl From New Zealand



Bianca Nolet and her friend enjoying a snow day in New Zealand.

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

Transferring into a new school is never easy – especially when you have recently moved from one country to another. New Zealand transfer student Bianca Nolet has just recently moved to Miami, and has not only had to adapt to a foriegn country, but to a new school.

The idea of moving away from a small town and into a big city was something Nolet had been anticipating, but the opportunity had not presented itself until her mother was offered a job in Miami. It was then that moving to the United States with her mother and two brothers became a reality.

“I was excited. I wanted to get away from New Zealand a little bit, because it’s really small,” Nolet said.

Although Nolet has experienced what it is like to move from place to place, she has never gone from living in a small town to a big city. Only once before has she moved internationally, but she was only seven years old thenand she can barely remember what it was like.

It’s been a culture shock! It’s just so different – especially the school and city environment. Back in New Zealand, I used to live in a small town where there were no more than 300 people, so it’s been a great experience.”

— Bianca Nolet

Nolet went from attending a small school where everyone was close to each other to one where there are more students than she can count. Yet this drastic transition has been more of an event than a scare for her. This experience has given her the opportunity of having a full high school experience.

“Gables is obviously so much bigger than my old school. This is a real school, with real hallways, whereas in my old school there were only about 40 classrooms. The entire school was around one hallway,” Nolet said.

Moving to a big city can be a tough change for a small town girl, but Bianca Nolet has not let the differences prevent her from creating a new home for herself in Miami. In fact, it probably will not be long before she begins to consider herself a part of her new community.