New Workouts for a New Year

Cavan Wilson, Staff Writer

It’s a new year, which means that everyone’s resolution consists of getting into better shape. If you’re not seeing results with your old workouts or just getting tired of the same moves, CavsConnect has provided some new workouts for all you “resolutioners” to try to get fit in 2015.

“It’s good to put new exercises into your workout because you are trying new things. It is a great way to keep yourself active and engaged so that you don’t get bored with the same old routine,” freshman Lenox Verdecia said.

Bridge Drag: This new workout is easy to do at home and only requires a stability ball. First, lay on the floor with your stomach facing up. Put your feet on top of the stability ball, arms flat on the ground with palms facing down. Make sure to keep shoulder blades pressed to the ground and hips elevated so that your body forms a straight line. Without dropping your hips, slowly drag your feet towards your hips while keeping your feet on the stability ball. Then extend your feet back to the starting position. This exercise is intended to increase core muscle. One to five sets of 15 reps is recommended.

Get Down, Get Up: For this exercise, you want to get on a stool with no backrest. Start in standard sitting position with legs hip distance apart. Stretch your arms out in front of you, shoulder width apart, and point your forearms to the center of your body so that your fingertips touch in front of your chest. Next, move your arms straight out from your body while lifting your legs so that your upper body and legs form a V-shape. Make sure that you are balancing on your tailbone while doing this exercise. Slowly lower yourself back into the starting position and repeat. This is a good exercise for hips, legs and core muscles. Do one to five sets of 10 reps, depending on your current skill level.

Leg drop: Start with your back on the ground and a stability ball or other round object in between your ankles. Make sure that your arms are palms down and straight next to your body. Lift up your legs slowly and don’t let the object slip or fall. Bring both of your legs up, creating a 45-degree angle with the floor, and then slowly lower legs back to the starting position. This exercise helps build strength in the lower abdominal muscles. Do one to five sets of 10 reps for this exercise.

McGill Curl-up: Begin in a regular curl-up position, hands underneath the natural arch in your back and one leg flat against the ground. Slowly raise your head and shoulders off the floor and hold that position for seven to eight seconds before slowly lowering your body back down. After one set, switch legs, keeping your hands under the arch in your back. This exercise is perfect to minimize the stress on your spine while working out the abdominal muscles. Do 5-15 reps of five sets for both legs.

Feet-Elevated Pike Push-Up: Start this workout in a regular push-up position with your feet on any elevated surface, like a bench. Bring your hands back until your body forms a V-shape and then lower your head slowly to the ground with your arms. Push your head back up, walk your hands back to the starting position, and repeat. This exercise is a very good workout to improve arm strength. Do 10 reps of five to seven sets.

“When doing this exercise, be sure that your legs are straight in the start position and firm throughout the exercise. This will give you much more firm biceps, which is exactly why I do them,” sophomore Khareem Oliver said.

If you’re struggling to keep up with your new year’s resolutions and need to add something new to your routine, then these exercises are a great way to keep you mobile. These exercises can even be done at home, providing further convenience and helping the time fly. Improving your training plan with these new workouts will help get you in even better shape for an even better 2015.